Internal Audit and Financial Advisory


An effective, insightful internal audit function provides confidence to leaders that their organisations can meet the demands of changing environments. Managing risk, monitoring controls, enhancing security and improving corporate governance are core internal audit responsibilities. Organisations are increasingly leveraging internal audit as a strategic resource, recognising that internal auditors’ broad and deep perspective of operations, risks and potential opportunities can help inform business decision-making.

Protiviti’s Internal Audit and Financial Advisory consultants work with audit executives, management and audit committees at companies of virtually any size, public or private, to assist them with their internal audit activities. This can include starting and running the activity for them on a fully outsourced basis or working with an existing internal audit function to supplement their team when they lack adequate staff or skills. Protiviti helps CFOs and financial executives strengthen their finance function and manage complex accounting issues, including non-routine situations such as financial restatements. In addition, Protiviti’s Internal Audit and Financial Advisory team helps clients assess their fraud risks and implement solutions to better manage these risks and lead investigations into financial irregularities.

Protiviti’s Financial Reporting Remediation & Compliance consultants help companies reduce their risk of non-compliance, while limiting exposure to financial restatements and other costly non-routine situations.

The conditions in today’s global business market, such as rapidly changing regulations, increased scrutiny of company financials, complex, nonrecurring business transactions, and a shortage of experienced finance and accounting professionals, strain the capabilities of many finance organisations. This amplified stress increases an Organisation's exposure to mistakes, lost synergies and the inability to maintain base-level financial processes, and has led to ongoing financial restatements in the United States. The risk of these errors is typically higher during the adoption of new accounting standards; embarking on significant business transactions; implementation of new IT/enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems; restructurings, acquisitions and divestitures; and expansion into new markets or new businesses.

Our Philosophy and Approach to IT Auditing

Our Financial Reporting Remediation & Compliance professionals provide the critical functional and project management expertise necessary to cost-effectively prepare for and manage non-routine situations such as restatements, mergers and IPOs. We proactively monitor new accounting rules, alert our clients to changing requirements and offer assistance with addressing complex accounting or reporting challenges, including the latest revenue recognition and lease accounting standards.

We help clients with:

  • Revenue Recognition Processes and Controls
  • Stock-based Compensation
  • Fair Value Accounting
  • Purchase Accounting
  • IFRS Conversion