Co-Sourcing de Auditoría Interna

Co-Sourcing de Auditoría Interna
Co-Sourcing de Auditoría Interna


Es difícil imaginar algún departamento de auditoría interna que posea todos los recursos técnicos y expertos que requiere todo el tiempo. De hecho, poseer personal de tiempo completo disponible para cumplir toda necesidad de auditoría interna no es un enfoque práctico. La amplitud de los recursos de la industria, tecnológicos y en riesgo operativo nos permite proveer servicios como un activo calificado para su negocio. Si necesita abordar un déficit de personal de auditoría interna tradicional o requiere de profesionales de auditoría interna especializados, Protiviti puede cumplir.

Los profesionales de auditoría interna y co-sourcing de Protiviti proveen a las organizaciones todos los recursos técnicos y expertos que requieren según lo soliciten sin necesidad de contratar personal a tiempo completo.

Internal Audit Differentiators

There are many differentiators that distinguish Protiviti from its competitors.

Dedicated Auditors
Protiviti is one of the largest firms exclusively dedicated to internal audit and risk management services.  Our auditors are full-time permanent staff, not temporary contractors.  This means we have more control over who works on your engagement – and can deliver a consistent audit team to work with you.  We will ensure the investments you make today are leveraged for success on future efforts.

Approach and Methodologies
Our internal audit methodologies are consistent with The IIA Standards.  We have invested in the development of a flexible risk-based approach which has been “road tested” on hundreds of internal audit engagements and continuously improved. 

Subject Matter Experts
We will draw on our global internal audit and risk management network to provide you with access to subject matter expertise on process, risk and control.  Unlike some of our immediate competitors, our Subject Matter Experts are all trained risk and control specialists.  They are highly experienced in delivering internal audit engagements and form a core part of our teams delivering our internal audit services.

Our dedication to internal audit means that all our investment has been in hiring people, developing tools, methodologies, technologies and solutions to deliver these services.  We have established credibility with external audit firms, and by engaging Protiviti, you will have the freedom to work with the external audit firm or tax service provider of your choice without conflict of interest consequences.

Internal Audit Experience
We wrote the book on how to start up an internal audit function (our FAQ Guide on Developing an Effective Internal Audit Function).  We bring world-class skills, at a competitive cost, to our clients.