SharePoint Solution Accelerator

SharePoint Solution Accelerator
SharePoint Solution Accelerator


For some organisations, an agile, custom built technology solution is the right choice to enable GRC. 


Unfortunately, we often see organisations make significant financial and resource investments to develop new applications using technology that is not in their existing IT infrastructure. This new solution often taxes their IT team requiring further investment in training and support, creates dependency on outside vendors for future enhancements, and requires add on fees and licensing.   Many organisations end up with an application that doesn’t meet their business requirements or is too expensive to use.


There is an alternative solution! Many organisations have already invested in SharePoint. However, they are not tapping into the full value this technology offers.  They are only using it as an internal website and glorified document repository.    


SharePoint Solution Accelerators help clients rapidly develop applications that enable GRC programmes 


Our SharePoint GRC solutions provide a reference architecture and playbook that accelerates development of applications that are tailored more specifically to your business requirements.  Why is this important?  In many of the organisations we work with, the assurance functions know their respective GRC domains inside and out and the IT professionals have a comprehensive understanding of MS SharePoint architecture and functionality.  However, bridging the gap that makes SharePoint a useful GRC application is difficult because it does not naturally provide the relational data repository, GRC-centric security, or out-of-the-box query capabilities (not to be mistaken with its powerful enterprise search function) that are needed to support most GRC efforts. It is why so many organisations continue to use it as a glorified repository. Our reference architecture as well as the playbook that recommends the right usage of SharePoint and other third party SharePoint tools will accelerate your ability to use all the power of MS SharePoint as an enterprise content management and workflow platform through a relational, secure and reportable business application.


How might you accelerate your GRC programme through MS SharePoint?  

With its strong content management and workflow capabilities, SharePoint is ideal for creating a solution to enable your business processes that require a data Repository, Workflow and Reporting (RWR) model including:

  • Programme Management – Manage your Line 2 and 3 GRC programme such as regulatory management , audit management or other specific GRC domains
  • Workflow – Embed GRC processes across the enterprise (Line 1) as well as third parties through workflow such as issue management ,  incident management, and 3rd party assessment 
  • Business Intelligence – Provide your executive management with timely, corporate-wide GRC intelligence by incorporating data feeds from multiple systems such as through Protiviti’s Risk Index
  • Convergence - Create a GRC programme workflow and presentation layer that incorporates reporting from multiple GRC platforms to provide enterprise information and analysis


How We Help Clients

Leverage your Existing Infrastructure
We believe organisations should leverage their existing technology infrastructure as much as possible, utilising single repositories of data when practical to achieve synergy across GRC disciplines. Our experts help customers convert their usage of Microsoft SharePoint from glorified file management systems into true business applications.


Take a Pragmatic Approach
Our pragmatic “Repository – Workflow – Report” (RWR) approach to business problems makes assurance-related business records easily accessible and reportable to all stakeholders – aligning line of business profit-making activities with assurance and attestation group policy and procedures.


Translate Business Problems into Technology Solutions
While many organisations have SharePoint developers and experts, often times they don’t have the time or business knowledge to create a useful solution. Our unique experience in risk and compliance combined with our SharePoint expertise allows us to help you convert your business requirements into useful technology solutions.  


Accelerate Application Development
We provide the framework, logic, connectors, workflow and GRC knowledge to help jump start your application development.  Leveraging this baseline infrastructure reference architecture, the solutions can be easily customised for your specific objectives. Once completed, we will train your internal SharePoint developers on the framework, so they can complete future changes and development as required.  


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