High Value Auditing


Protiviti’s high value audits help organisations create greater value from technology and business processes owned by the organisation.


Protiviti’s high value audits are a series of audit programs that provide you with better information for decision-making regarding the systems and processes that drive your technology, compliance or operational efforts. Because of Protiviti’s expertise and the tight focus of the programs, the audits are executed in a short amount of time so you can keep costs low while quickly identifying opportunities to improve performance and reduce expenses. This process requires specific expertise in technology risk management and business process that is generally not available among your existing internal staff. Audit committees and chief audit executives who overcome this challenge are able to discover opportunities that create significant value for their organisations. At Protiviti, we call the process of discovering these opportunities “high value auditing.” 


The below chart lists several high-value audits and projects are performed by leading internal audit functions. 

high value auditing customers