Fiduciary Services


Fiduciaries have both a legal and ethical responsibility to act in the best interest of their client Organisation. In order to properly manage assets, fiduciaries are expected to understand and execute a variety of strategic options such as analysis of store-level and business segment profitability, sale/lease-back transaction, and negotiating with lenders and creditors to modify financial covenants and agreement terms.


Protiviti’s professionals have served as fiduciaries and advisers to fiduciaries in a variety of industries, managing pre- and post-confirmation entities. Protiviti has served, with the approval of the United States Bankruptcy Courts, in fiduciary roles such as trustee, examiner, receiver, plan administrator, and chief restructuring officer. Protiviti’s extensive portfolio of experience has created a skilled team of professionals that can quickly step in, understand the specific nature of the entity and manage the entity to a successful conclusion. 


Protiviti provides the resources and management expertise to value underlying assets, dispose of physical assets in the manner that creates the most value for the creditor body, evaluate the cost benefit of any ongoing recovery actions and provide consulting support for on-going litigation work.