2019 Robotic Process Automation Survey

2019 Robotic Process Automation Survey
2019 RPA Survey

Taking RPA to the Next Level

Companies across all industries are pumping resources into robotic process automation (RPA). In as little as two years, RPA leaders — those companies we’ve identified as already ahead of the curve — will be using bots in virtually every function within their organisations.

To help executives make the most of this fast-growing technology, Protiviti partnered with ESI ThoughtLab to survey 450 companies across various regions, industries and sizes to understand the differences between the practises of RPA leaders and organisations that are less advanced. Our research highlights the most effective best practises and powerful lessons learned from those adopting RPA.

Tony Abel

Today, RPA is a lynchpin of sleek and agile operations that will fortify companies’ market positions by driving efficiencies, boosting speed to market and bolstering financial performance.

Tony Abel, Managing Director, Protiviti


Full Report

Our full report contains extensive analysis of key insights gathered from survey participants across a number of dimensions, including use and maturity, now and anticipated, benefits of RPA, obstacles to adopting RPA, and lessons learned.



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Join Protiviti's Global Head of RPA Tony Abel, Global Head of Protiviti Digital Jonathan Wyatt and Protiviti Associate Director Lauren Lang for a discussion of the 'Taking RPA to the Next Level' survey findings and important insights. Register for the recording now.








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