Protiviti Financial Economic Crime “AML & Fraud: No longer two worlds apart?” roundtable

Protiviti Financial Economic Crime “AML & Fraud: No longer two worlds apart?!” roundtable

Protiviti Financial Economic Crime “AML & Fraud: No longer two worlds apart?” roundtable

Thank you for joining the Protiviti Financial Economic Crime “AML & Fraud: No longer two worlds apart?” roundtable meeting on 12 February. We hope you are also looking back at an inspirational and educational event. 

During this meeting short presentations were followed by statements and roundtable discussions:

  • Keynote speaker Fred Teeven shared his experience and knowledge with the risks of financial crime.
  • Protiviti's Owen Strijland presented the new financial (changing) landscape and how to address it as an opportunity to team against financial crime. Taking the fraud and AML risk appetite into account. 
  • Tames Rietdijk (BusinessForensics) told how to embed technology and detect financial crime. An organization can be (better) protected against financial economic crime risks with inventive forensics software and in the ideal solution it supports the full FEC risk management process.
  • During the ACFCS session, Hillary Rosenberg explored strategies for implementing a (financial crime) training program in the convergence era that meets the current realities, future threats and heightened regulatory environment.
  • Gijs van der Salm from Hoffmann elaborated on one particular CEO- and invoice fraud investigation. The use of fraud detection provides a great deal of insight into deviations in processes, but it also creates an obligation to investigate those deviations in order to be compliant with laws and regulations. 

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Contact details & Presentations

Openings speech by Fred Teeven about the risks of financial crime in the public and business domain.

Fred Teeven | [email protected] | +31 (0)20 244 0087 |   

Protiviti is a global consulting firm that delivers deep expertise, objective insights, a tailored approach and unparalleled collaboration to help leaders confidently face the future. Our consulting solutions span critical business problems in technology, business process, analytics, risk, compliance, transactions and internal audit. We are committed to attracting and developing a diverse workforce of professionals that share the common value of collaboration. As an organisation, we believe that by teaming together, with each other, and our clients, we can see beyond the surface of changes and problems organisations face in this fast changing world to discover opportunities others might miss and face the future with greater confidence. 

Owen R. Strijland | [email protected] | +31(0)20–346 0400 |  

We believe that in a time of rapidly evolving financial crime every financial institution is able to face the future with confidence.

The BusinessForensics solution will help organizations get control of (potential) integrity risks regarding both the internal organization and the external relation with its clients. It allows our customers to respond proactively and flexibly to change, and to be fully confident about facing current and future compliance and integrity risks in the financial sector.

The value this brings to our customers consists of (in following order):

  • Improved damage recovery, in terms of lead time, certainty and value to reclaim damages;
  • Reducing the cost of compliance
  • Reduced compliance and integrity risk profiles, resulting in lower capital adequacy requirements

We deliver this value by initially activating customers using a template configuration, based on ‘best practices’ derived from previous customers. This allows us to realize a short lead-time to production, so you can experience the benefits of a new solution as soon as possible risks. It is not a static solution, meaning that after implementation it provides a continuous learning cycle that will help our customer stay in control as financial crime evolves. 

Tames Rietdijk | [email protected] | +31(0)168–479 038 |

ACFCS is a global member association providing holistic training, education and certification (CFCS) to professionals on the front lines of financial crime. The CFCS certification is recognized and represented in all key regulatory agencies and is regarded as one of the only distinctions to validate a full-spectrum understanding of financial crime prevention and detection.

For more information regarding ACFCS training and certification please contact us.

Abner Santana | [email protected] | T. 001(786) 235–7373 | 

For your convenience, you can also schedule an appointment, click here to meet with ACFCS

Hoffmann conducts various fraud investigations at companies, institutions and governments but also investigates, for example, theft, corruption, embezzlement and (sexual) intimidation. In addition, we can help to avoid fraud at your company through our preventive services. Hoffmann also offers high-quality services in the cyber domain, where we analyze your cyber protection against cyber threats looking at your organization, people and technology.

We are happy to fully explain our services and approach based on your security issues in a personal meeting.

Gijs van der Salm | [email protected] | T. +31(0)88–298 66 00 | 

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Protiviti Financial Economic Crime “AML & Fraud: No longer two worlds apart?!” roundtable