Information Security Roundtable meeting - “Combatting Business Email Compromise”

Information Security Roundtable meeting - “Combatting Business Email Compromise”

Ever grow tired of phishing? Your employees are targeted with spear-phishing, such as “CEO fraud” scams? Or are cyber villains launching mass phishing attacks using your trusted email domains, using your brand and well-known name? Do you see if email spoofing attacks are happening? Or where they are launched from? And do you know how to respond and stop the attack?

According to the SANS Institute 95% of all attacks on enterprise networks are the result of successful spear phishing. One in three recipients open phishing messages and 12% click on malicious attachments. Businesses globally have lost billions of Euro’s to these attacks and this is now a board-level concern.

Finally there might be a good way to block email spoofing attacks. New technologies, such as DMARC email authentication, provide a means to authorize legitimate senders and block fraudulent emails before they reach the inbox of the recipient. DMARC also provides visibility into the volume, content and origin of fraudulent emails sent on your domains.

Interested? Then join the debate on this hot issue, fascinating talks and healthy discussion with your peers. At our roundtable meeting, in association with Proofpoint, we will discuss the tactical and strategic responses an enterprise organisation should consider in order to prevent corporate email compromise and mitigate exposure.


We have invited Robert Holmes, Vice President, Products at Proofpoint, to present his view on how to reduce BEC vulnerabilities, success stories and challenges enterprises face when mitigating BEC.

Program 21 March 2017

15:30     Guest reception

16:00     Start main program / welcome

16:15     “Combatting Business Email Compromise in 2017”, by Robert Holmes, Vice President, Products at Proofpoint

17:30     Key conclusions, recommendations and discussion

18:00     Drinks

19:00     End


The event is free of charge, however to guarantee your registration, please send your confirmation to Mrs. Peggy van Berkel-de Graaf: [email protected] | 020-346 0400. You can also address specific questions to her, if any.

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We are looking forward to welcoming you to this event at Protiviti in Amsterdam. More details will be sent to you after registration confirmation.

21 Mar 2017
03:30 PM CET
Protiviti, Gustav Mahlerlaan 32
1082 MC, Amsterdam
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Tuesday, March 21, 2017 - 3:30pm