Our team of seasoned professionals will partner with your leadership to develop and execute the strategy phase in which the board of directors and the executive leadership team convene to decide where the company should be headed, what external drivers of change may affect that journey, and what vehicles – organic growth, merger, acquisition or divestiture – the company will rely on to reach its desired destination state.


Protiviti examines the optimal timing for potential mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures relevant to many internal and external factors as well as the corresponding economic plan for specific transactions. Our process consists of two primary strategy components: Destination Planning and Scenario Based Planning. Destination Planning is focusing on a specific time horizon and articulating the companies vision and developing an incremental annual plans for getting there. Conversely Scenario Based Planning is utilised in situations where the external environment is uncertain and requires quick and nimble execution, scenario plans give our clients the ability to have parallel plans with a strong degree of confidence in an uncertain environment.