Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Model Risk Management

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Model Risk Management
Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Model Risk Management


With greater regulatory scrutiny driving more organisations to adopt quantitative models as part of a comprehensive AML monitoring strategy, financial institutions are taking a close look at whether their current AML models are delivering the results needed to both support the business and meet examiners’ expectations.

Protiviti’s Model Risk practise works closely with our AML Compliance practise to offer a full-range of AML-related services. Our focus is on ensuring clients’ realise the return on investment in developing and administering an inclusive model strategy that seamlessly integrates with their organisation’s broader AML programs.

Our AML Model Validation methodology links directly with each client’s model validation framework and accommodates OCC 2011-12, SR 11-7, New York DFS 504, FFIEC BSA/AML Examination Manual 2014-12 and other regulatory requirements.

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Our areas of expertise:

Transaction Monitoring

We will validate your Transaction Monitoring (TM) model, along with model input data validation, including Model Governance Review, Scenario Coverage Analysis, Model Input Data Quality Assessment, Model Rules & Logic Validation, and Model Configuration Evaluation.

Sanctions Screening

Our Model Risk experts will validate your Watch List Model, including assessment of model methodology and algorithms against industry standards, and benchmarking with altering name matching algorithms.

AML Risk Scoring or Customer Risk Rating

Our validation methods assess whether AML/CRR effectively determine the risk level each customer presents to your organisation, including Model Governance review, Model Methodology Assessment, Model Scoring Logic Validation and Model Input Data Evaluation.

New York DFS Part 504 Model Validation

New York state-regulated financial institutions have specific requirements related to Part 504 regulations. Our AML Model validation and performance calibration processes can be easily put in place to assure compliance.