The Learning Health Index (LHI) Study

The Learning Health Index (LHI) Study

The Learning Health Index (LHI) study aims to help organizations identify their areas of excellence and improvement across various dimensions of learning health. Moreover, the study reports a comparative analysis of learning health across multiple industries and sectors and the best practices and trends in organizational learning.

In 2021, 51 leading organizations from 6 countries in the Middle East region participated in the LHI study. The analysis of the survey responses resulted in a quantitative score, which indicates an individual organization's overall learning health.

The LHI study was conducted using the Learning Health Framework developed by EdCast, which evaluated organizations based on 8 dimensions of learning. These dimensions are Learning Strategy and Business Planning, Impact and Measurement, Learning & Development Policies and Processes, Learning & Development Portfolio, Learner Experience, Learning Culture, Tools and Technologies, and Learning & Development Competence. Organizations were evaluated in each of these dimensions using a 5-point scale.

Using their scores, organizations can benchmark themselves against the overall market and industry they belong to and find their competitive positioning. Reviewing and assessing the scores on each dimension provides an opportunity for organizations to take corrective actions.