M&A Deal Review FY2019 MENA Region

M&A Deal Review FY2019 MENA Region

The Merger & Acquisition (M&A) activities in the MENA region in FY2019 reached a record high. The total deal value recorded was US$90.2 Bn, with a deal count of 300 transactions (inclusive of 141 disclosed deals). This deal value signifies an increase of more than four times as compared to FY2018. Whereas, in terms of total deal count, it converted to an increase of 18% from FY2018.

This was a busy time for deals in the region, with businesses looking to consolidate and capitalize on new opportunities. Protiviti has a strong Transactions team, serving clients across the region in the areas of business valuations, due diligence, and other transaction services. The team is also active in M&A advisory, assisting many businesses in their acquisitions and divestment strategy.



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