Alternative Energy


The world is clamouring for alternatives to fossil fuel-based energy and this has fuelled significant growth in recent years.  Many large-scale projects are currently underway. Wind, solar, tidal and biofuels are all garnering significant attention, research and investment.  Opportunities abound, but in many cases the capital costs remain high, especially with fossil fuels costs depressed, which is why innovation is critical for success. 


However, alternative energy providers face many of the same risks as their counterparts within the energy sector. Siting, constructing and managing large-scale alternative energy facilities is complex. The commodity produced is subject to competition within highly volatile commodity markets, and production quantities cannot be assured as easily as other forms of energy available within the market. As a result of these issues, tax incentives remain a particularly important issue for alternative energy providers.


Protiviti’s energy professionals partner with alternative energy providers to manage risk and improve operational performance.  Protiviti’s experienced professionals have many years of experience dealing with these energy issues. We help our clients identify, measure, and manage their regulatory, financial, operational and technology-related risks. Our energy professionals possess finance, technology, accounting and engineering backgrounds, and a wide range of industry experience that can be leveraged to deliver tailored solutions to your company and help you realise growth and success in the future.