SAP Solutions


As a long standing SAP Gold Partner, our SAP expertise is unmatched in the industry. Our focused commitment to Business Analytics, Enterprise Information Management (EIM), SAP® HANA and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) enables us to deliver unparalleled product strategy and solutions.


Every new technology we explore, every methodology we develop and every solution we design is done with your success as the goal. Whether your organisation is small to medium sized or a Fortune 500 company, we provide value no matter where you are in your SAP journey.


SAP Gold Partner
Commitment to SAP Solutions
Strong Executive Relationships
  • 15 years SAP Partnership
  • 7x Partner of the Year
  • Gold Partner
  • Office of the CFO, CRO, CSO
  • 60% of the revenues from annuity clients
  • 68% penetration of Fortune 100 clients

We help companies around the globe identify, measure, and navigate the challenges they face, within their industries and throughout their systems and processes, using proven value-added solutions.


Our extended offerings provide powerful insights about your business that can drive enhanced performance


Our services include:

Business Analytics

Our self-service approach to business analytics enables you to access the information you need, when and where you need it. It turns information into actionable insight, allowing you to see patterns in your data so you and your business users make decisions based on fact – not speculation.

Predictive Analytics

We help companies use predictive insight to identify untapped opportunities and expose hidden risks buried inside vast amounts of data. By making predictive insights available to everyone in the Organisation, our clients are empowered to make the right choices.

Enterprise Information Management

Data-driven decisions…it’s what every executive strives for. Yet Gartner predicts at least a third of all Fortune 100 firms will face an information crisis by 2017. Having access to your data is only part of the solution.

Data Governance

From establishing programme objectives, designating data stewards, designing data management functions and implementing data governance methods to execute the overall programme strategy, our services provide you with a trusted data platform.


Analytics, business intelligence and leveraging information strategically remain the highest priorities for most CIOs, and SAP HANA’s in memory approach is the most game-changing technology to impact these initiatives. Our experts help you asses, implement and deploy best practices to meet your company’s needs.  

BI Cloud Strategy

Venturing into the cloud can be a challenging task. There’s more to consider than just migrating applications or data. We provide the highest level of business analytics planning for your cloud migration. We help plan, host and deploy your environment.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

We help organisations define a roadmap for maximising the value of their Governance, Risk & Compliance solutions and implement sustainable governance processes.

ERP Implementation

Using our leading practice models, we help organisations manage ERP Implementation and project risks more effectively. We support SAP ERP initiatives with decreased risk and reduced cost by managing and delivering key aspect of the ERP Implementation.