Predictive Analytics


Predictive analytics enables you to extend your analytics capabilities: moving from looking in the rearview mirror to looking in the future. For companies wanting to gain a competitive advantage, using predictive analytics is a top priority.


High-performance companies use predictive insight to identify untapped opportunities and expose hidden risks buried inside vast amounts of data including both structured and unstructured.

It gives your decision makers the insight they need to predict new developments, capitalise on future trends, and respond to challenges before they happen.


Regardless of your industry, two statements are true:

  • Recent advances in technology have enabled greater data velocity and greater volumes of structured and unstructured data, creating needs for just-in-time analytics, predictive modelling and re-emergence of 'machine learning' approaches.
  • Yesterday you competed only within your own industry sector, where as today you are competing for your customer’s business across industry siloes, and the customer experience you create should be better than that of your competitors’.

In this “new norm” there will be winners, and there will be losers, and while losers look for clues in the past, winners will be gathering better insights to predict the future. Which one will you be?

Our areas of expertise include: 

Customer Lifetime Value

How much is a customer worth? Lifetime value models are useful in differentiating customer treatment. Is a customer at risk of attrition worth the investment of retaining?  What will be the impact of targeting a particular customer segment? Let us show you how effective management of your customer relationships increase profitability over time.


The success of your program depends on well-defined customer relationships. Cross selling / upselling allows you to provide existing customers with additional or more valued products. We can help you enhance relationships with your existing customers using behavioural characteristics to identify what they would be most likely to want next.

HR Analytics

Our HR analytics provides organisations detailed analysis on their HR programs and workforces enabling employers to make better business decisions and improve operational performance. From recruiting top talent, to reducing employee turnover, HR analytics allows companies to gain insights and make actionable and relevant business decisions. 


Forecasting is an important component of decision making across many organisations. Using statistical forecasting techniques, you can analyse and summarise data to discover patterns, trends and relationships. Our experts can help better predict bookings, revenue, and demand to optimise allocation and improve productivity of key resources.

Supply Chain Optimisation

In the Supply Chain process, there are some risks that can be predicted such as changes in demand, delays in production and shipments. Analytics tools such as manufacturing planning, network design and inventory optimisation can help build a supply chain network that will mitigate these risks.

Social Media and Web Analytics

Social and recommendation functionality in Predictive Analytics provides powerful network analysis and link analysis to make the most of social influence and advanced personalisation. We can help you explore the links between your customers and network of strong social influencers.