Training and Communication Solutions


How do companies transform the way their employees think and act?

They put into action direct-to-employee training and awareness tools that support each other. They incorporate recognition into their communication programs and build management processes and reporting to measure their initiatives. 

And they partner with us to create and implement it all for them. 


We are Protiviti—a premier award-winning training and communication solutions partner. We enhance and protect our clients’ enterprises while helping them to solve critical business problems and address future challenges through employee engagement, education and empowerment.

We call it Protiviti’s Behavioral Shift Cycle. You’ll call it the solution you’ve been seeking.


From “Current State” to “Desired State”

Our Behavioral Shift Cycle makes it possible to change employee behavior from “current state” to “desired state.” Each successive phase of the cycle builds from the previous phase to create a cohesive behavioral learning model that can positively shape the mindset and actions of each employee. The multi-component programs we develop are based on this cycle and are customised to fit your needs, your goals and your workforce.

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Shifting employee behavior requires careful planning, clear communication, buy-in at every level and a timetable of training and communications. If your goal is to change operational behaviors by impacting the organizational culture and knowledge, Protiviti's Behavioral Shift Cycle can help you throughout the transition.


Training imparts the knowledge—company practises and requirements—needed to begin a desired shift in employee behavior. This knowledge must be engaging in its delivery in order to be effective. We’ll customise training materials for you based on your employee demographic, company policies, regulatory requirements and industry best practises.


Frequent reminders of training messages do more than reinforce knowledge—they help instill these messages in employees. Knowing what to do (training) is different than believing something is the right thing to do (awareness). When awareness works together with training and is delivered through meaningful, memorable materials, behavior shifts.


Measuring the effectiveness of your program not only lets you see employee and department/location levels of participation compliance, it allows you to make informed decisions about future training and awareness initiatives.


When you acknowledge and reward employees’ participation in training exercises, achievement of a high level of knowledge retention and alignment with operational best practices, you’re ensuring the success of your Behavioral Shift program. We know how to reward employees effectively.