Protiviti Honoured with an Excellence in Social & Community Investment Award for ‘i on Hunger’ Initiative

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Consulting magazine recognises firm’s employee-driven community service for fourth consecutive year

MENLO PARK, CA – September 5, 2017 – Consulting magazine has named global consulting firm Protiviti a recipient of the publication’s 2017 “Excellence in Social & Community Investment Award” for the firm’s expanded ‘i on Hunger’ initiative. Protiviti is a four-time recipient of the award, which recognises firms for their outstanding social and community investment and engagement.

In an effort to help fight world hunger, Protiviti originally launched its i on Hunger initiative in October 2014, with the goal of providing one million meals in one year through food-related activities in which its employees volunteer to help. To support the project, Protiviti offices around the world organised food drives, meal-packing events and meal-delivery efforts, reaching the initial goal in only nine months.

Building on that success, and through the continuing support of the firm’s employees, i on Hunger has since expanded to include client participation. Cumulatively since the initial launch and as of July 2017, Protiviti has provided more than 4.5 million meals through 321 events in 58 global locations. The program has supported 103 non-profit organisations, several of them continuously since 2014. In addition, 229 Protiviti client companies have volunteered alongside Protiviti’s people at i on Hunger events.

The program has also increased its reach to include special meal-packing events such as at the World Expo in Milan (2015), on Mandela Day in South Africa (2015, 2016, 2017) and so far at one college campus (St. John’s University), with more planned.

“We’re proud i on Hunger has fed so many more people now that we’ve provided 4.5 million meals,” said Protiviti President and CEO Joseph Tarantino. “I’m continually in awe of the passion demonstrated by our people and many of our clients for this important cause.”

“Our partnerships with the nonprofit organisations serving the hungry is a key element of i on Hunger,” said Dan O’Keefe, a senior managing director and program lead with Protiviti. “It enables them to have ongoing support and helps us serve in a variety of ways. Together, we‘ll continue to fight world hunger because hunger doesn’t stop and neither do we.”

In June 2017, the non-profit organisation Feeding Children Everywhere recognised Protiviti with its Hunger Hero award for the work done by the firm to help it reach its goals.

Protiviti also received Consulting’s Excellence in Social & Community Award for its U.S. Intern Day of Service (2014); its inaugural year of i on Hunger (2015); and its CommUnity Scholarship program (2016). Recipients of this year’s awards will be honoured during an awards dinner on September 14th in New York.

To find out more about Protiviti’s charitable programs, please click here.

Chi è Protiviti

Protiviti è un Gruppo multinazionale di consulenza direzionale, leader nell’analisi e progettazione di modelli di Risk Management, Organizzazione, Compliance e Controllo; supporta le aziende nell’identificazione dei rischi e nella definizione delle migliori strategie di gestione, governo e controllo.
In Italia, Protiviti opera nelle sedi di Milano, Torino e Roma e conta circa 200 professionisti.
Protiviti è un network caratterizzato da una presenza internazionale di rilievo con oltre 70 uffici negli Stati Uniti, Canada, Sud America, Europa, Asia e Australia e oltre 4.600 persone. La base Clienti include oltre il 60% delle imprese del Fortune 1000 e il 35% delle Global 500. Obiettivo di Protiviti è la diffusione di una cultura aziendale finalizzata ad allineare i processi, i sistemi informativi e l’organizzazione alle migliori prassi internazionali.
Protiviti fa parte del Gruppo Robert Half (RH), quotato al NYSE e appartenente all’indice S&P 500.

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