New SAP HANA Security Book Released, Written by Protiviti SAP Expert

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Author Jonathan Haun uses practical examples, case studies and detailed instructions to help readers develop a complete security model for the SAP HANA database and application development platform

MENLO PARK, CA – July 10, 2017 – Global consulting firm Protiviti’s SAP® expert Jonathan Haun has written a new book titled SAP HANA Security Guide to help IT professionals protect SAP HANA systems. The book, available in either hard copy or e-book format from SAP Press, offers an in-depth guide to the SAP HANA database and application development platform, including privileges, roles, user provisioning, authentication and auditing. Author Haun is a director in the business intelligence group in Protiviti’s Data Management and Advanced Analytics practice. Haun previously co-authored two other books about SAP HANA.

The SAP HANA Security Guide explains how organisations using the SAP HANA database can protect and defend the data housed on the platform against breaches, and includes details of security options such as authentication and encryption. Readers can learn how to secure database objects; provision and maintain user accounts; and develop and assign roles. The book also offers in-depth reviews of authentication, certificate management, auditing, security tracing and other recommended steps for organisations to help protect their SAP HANA data systems.

“Keeping data secure is an important focus for any business that maintains a database,” said Shaheen Dil, a Protiviti managing director and global leader of its Data Management and Advanced Analytics practice. “As a long-time SAP Gold Partner and seven-time Partner of the Year, Protiviti is in a unique position to provide industry leadership and counsel on this topic. I consider Jonathan’s new book to be required reading for anyone who supports solutions based on SAP HANA within their landscape.”

In the SAP HANA Security Guide, Haun details:

  • Privileges and Roles: How to master the SAP HANA privilege types and how to create and assign database and repository roles using SAP HANA Studio, the web-based workbench editor, and SQL statements
  • Authentication and Encryption: Learn how to leverage Kerberos, SAML and SAP HANA’s native authentication 
  • Encryption and SSL certificates: Learn how to secure internal and external communications 
  • Monitoring: How to activate policies to record SAP HANA security-related and other critical activities within the SAP HANA platform
  • Tracing: How to trace user activity and troubleshoot effective privileges

A full-time consultant, Haun has over 15 years of IT experience in the field of business intelligence and database administration across a variety of industries. He holds several certifications including: BOCP-BusinessObjects Enterprise; BOCP-Crystal Reports; SCAA-SAP HANA 1.0; SCTA–SAP HANA 1.0 and SCTS-SAP HANA 1.0 Installation.

The 541-page SAP HANA Security Guide (ISBN: 978-1-4932-1441-9) is available now from SAP Press.

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