Public Company Transformation

Public Company Transformation
Public Company Transformation


Preparing to become a public company is time-consuming and complex. Much of that complexity is due to the numerous legal and technical requirements that must be addressed prior to an IPO. But a substantial—and often overlooked—aspect of Public Company Readiness (PCR) involves transforming organisational functions and processes in many ways. Moreover, post-IPO companies will need to continue transforming these functions because there is a different set of requirements and expectations for public companies.


Protiviti provides Public Company Transformation Services (PCTS) for leading companies worldwide. As a trusted adviser, Protiviti assists management with all stages of an initial public offering (IPO). This includes the initial assessment, the pre-IPO activities, and establishment of a sustainable an ongoing compliance function that fully meets the company’s regulatory requirements. In addition, Protiviti helps companies establish a sustainable infrastructure to support anticipated growth and the ongoing reporting and compliance requirements of a public company.

Pre-public and newly public companies face many risks during their transformation process. Protiviti's Public Company Transformation Assessment helps companies develop a Roadmap and determine the appropriate infrastructure necessary to manage these risks. The approach covers the Six key objectives outlined below. A structured plan will help answer key questions asked by Executive Management and the Board.

Effective Registration Statement Process

One of the most daunting tasks of going public is the registration process. Companies that attempt to add an IPO project to existing functions run the risk of delays in task completion and issue resolution once "the clock has started" on registration. IPO candidates must be prepared when the market is favourable.

Corporate Governance and SOX Compliance

More than just “check the box” exercises - companies can derive significant value from corporate governance programmes and the internal audit department that supports them if they are properly structured and aligned to the overall business objectives.

Efficient Financial Close

In order to join the ranks of the publicly held, private organisations should be prepared for heavy regulations. Management must strive for an efficient financial close process.

Organisational Capabilities

As a companies of all sizes will need to develop the proper capabilities, review key functions and skills needed to facilitate anticipated sustainable and scalable growth.

Accurate Financial Reporting & Effective Forecasting

Private companies must have the requisite skills and Organisation to understand the application of all relevant accounting principles and ensure accurate financial reporting.

The financial reporting requirements demand precision and skill.

Scalable IT Environment

Pre-IPO companies frequently report their IT departments are a major area of focus. We provide guidance and advice to management on IT strategies, risks, staffing and ERP systems.