Internet & Media


We live in a connected world where both consumers and businesses expect access to content anywhere, anytime and in any format. This demand has created significant new opportunities for marketing products and intellectual property (IP). As a result, organisations face the challenge of adopting and managing new business models while also maintaining existing revenue streams. The game has changed: Rules that may apply in the analogue world do not always apply to the digital world.


In this ever-changing convergence of content, communications and technology, improving revenue and managing risk are two of the key issues facing executives. As companies strive to maintain market share and customer loyalty, it is becoming increasingly important to find innovative ways to optimise margins and increase profits on digital media. To this end, forward-thinking executives are developing new partnerships to provide seamless digital content solutions to their customers.


Protiviti’s professionals assist Internet and Media companies to become leading providers by helping them more effectively manage risk and improve their operational performance.  At Protiviti, our success is driven by our commitment to collaboration with our clients. We proactively work with management teams to assess, design and execute business-related risk plans. Our professionals have extensive experience leading and advising digital media companies. When you need us, we are there. We share ideas. We tap into a vast pool of resources to bring forward tailored solutions for our clients to meet the demands of the connected world and help them face the future with confidence.