Security Programme & Strategy Services

Security Programme & Strategy Services
Security Programme & Strategy Services


Boards of directors and executive management – as well as CIOs and IT staff – are on edge and on notice. There is a gap in their knowledge of the security posturer in their organisations.  In sum end, they are unsure whether their IT infrastructure will support their growth objectives for the future and/or create financial and reputational exposures in the present.


Staying abreast of the threats and risks – not to mention making the right investments to keep up with them – is a tall order. This new environment requires tight collaboration between organisational leadership, led by CIOs and IT staff, to ensure systems and tactics are up-to-date and in compliance.


Protiviti’s experts provide clarity around, and creative approaches to, security strategy and policy design. Our services build an information processing environment to not only protect and secure, but also support day-to-day business and revenue growth initiatives.  We help you create an infrastructure that manages the security and privacy of information aligned with the objectives of your Organisation.

We can help you start today with an assessment of your security environment, providing a roadmap for how you can make smart investments to make your Organisation more secure while allowing you to focus on serving and growing your customers.

Security Policy & Programme

Protiviti’s Security Policy & Programme professionals work with firms of all sizes and industries around the world. Regardless of your current security policy and programme maturity, we can offer advice and support to achieve the desired level.

Security Strategy & Architecture

Protiviti security strategy and architecture professionals can help you make your security programme vision a reality. Our broad experience with a variety of technologies allows us the background to architect security environments that will help achieve your security objectives.

Security Metrics

Protiviti’s security and privacy team has experience building meaningful security metrics for a variety of audiences – from security operations to the board of directors. We work to ensure your enterprise is being maintained to your specifications and remains aligned with your business objectives.

Awareness & Training

Creating solid security policies and operational programmes is an important step; but it is just the first one. Protiviti and our sister firm, Creative Options, have a proven track record of building effective and sustainable awareness and training programmes that support your policies and compliance imperatives.