Industrial Products


Industrial products is a characterised by global connectivity and complexity. Even smaller organisations often navigate suppliers, logistics and regulations from different parts of the world.  Technology permeates all aspects of companies and leaders are constantly searching for ways to drive innovation and speed in how they design, produce and deliver at a time when product life cycles are diminishing.


Leaders in industrial products have been able to take advantage of recent volatility in prices for oil, natural gas, steel and other natural resources through optimisation of their complex supply chains. Internal audit and expanded use of data and analytic tools, provide these leaders a competitive advantage through a clearer view of risks and opportunities, enhancing the speed and confidence of their decision making.  And these leaders are increasingly focused on the effectiveness and efficiency of their compliance programs to address changing regulations. 


Protiviti’s Industrial Products professionals collaborate with you to strengthen your compliance efforts, enhance information for decision-making and optimise business processes to improve your performance and lower costs.  Bringing together capabilities in internal audit, risk management, supply chain and technology, we build tailored teams and solutions that fit you organisation and provide you greater confidence in your future.