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Enterprise & Market Resilience COVID-19 India Forum Series

Read more about the panel discussions from our earlier resilience forums sessions in the series:

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a paradigm shift in the way we perceive our world and will have a lasting impact on the economy, people and consequently redefining the world order. We believe that these challenging times can act as catalyst for new strategies, approaches and use of innovative technologies in our work places. Innovation and collaboration would be the key for unlocking the future across all business verticals. The Internal Audit & Compliance functions will have to adapt to competitive innovation and increased usage of technology for identifying and responding to the...
At Protiviti, we believe that collaboration and exchange of ideas bring about a remarkable value to us and the audience – more so during these challenging times. Hearing new and alternate perspectives can help us contest our own points of view, enhance resilience, and provide us with the much-needed assurance as we make critical decisions. Over 100 business leaders and payments industry professionals joined us for our panel discussion webinar – “Acclimatizing with the new normal - How will Digital Payments adapt to the financial interactions in the post Covid-19 world”. The aim of the webinar...
At Protiviti, we have a strong belief that collaborating and learning from one another will add tremendous value and help each one of us to develop a unique perspective towards a subject. Varied point of views on a particular topic of discussion can help challenge our thinking, provide confidence in our own plans and increase resilience. The unique set of challenges brought by the current and future effects of CoVID 19 requires a complete refresh on how we manage and optimize costs. Leaders, from varied industry segments, joined us for a virtual session on Managing Costs in times of CoVID-19...