SAP ERP Capabilities


As a long standing SAP Gold Partner, our SAP expertise is unmatched in the industry. Our focused commitment to Business Analytics, Enterprise Information Management (EIM), SAP® HANA and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) enables us to deliver unparalleled product strategy and solutions.


Every new technology we explore, every methodology we develop and every solution we design is done with your success as the goal. Whether your organisation is small to medium sized or a Fortune 500 company, we provide value no matter where you are in your SAP journey.


SAP Gold Partner
Commitment to SAP Solutions
Strong Executive Relationships
  • 15 years SAP Partnership
  • 7x Partner of the Year
  • Gold Partner
  • Office of the CFO, CRO, CSO
  • 60% of the revenues from annuity clients
  • 68% penetration of Fortune 100 clients

We help companies around the globe identify, measure, and navigate the challenges they face, within their industries and throughout their systems and processes, using proven value-added solutions.

Our extended offerings provide powerful insights about your business that can drive enhanced performance

Our services include:

Governance, Risk and Compliance

We help organisations develop short and long term compliance roadmaps by maximising the use of SAP GRC software inherent capabilities, integrating functionality in a cost-effective manner and implementing long term processes to enable sustainability. Our approach to Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) implementations is based on two principles: ‘Get it Right’ and ‘Keep it Right’; Our goal is to help companies reduce risk while automating key aspects of their GRC programmes.

SAP Assessments

We provide high-value, efficient SAP assessment, audit and testing services that can improve management’s and external audit’s comfort in the integrity of IT General Controls, security, application controls and system data. Our SAP assessment tools (Assure SuiteTM) combines powerful software tools which our teams utilise to help clients diagnose and mitigate risks associated with SAP relative to security, data integrity, and control configuration. 

Security and Segregation of Duties

Protiviti's SAP Security and Segregation of Duties consultants help clients untangle the complexity found within today's SAP security structures. We leverage our methodologies and proprietary diagnostic tools to close excessive access exposures, design or optimise user roles and streamline security administration and monitoring processes.

Automated Controls and Financial Compliance

We help companies  assess and optimise the configuration of SAP Automated controls, resulting in better and more efficient compliance processes, an optimised and sustainable control environment, enhanced risk management capabilities and an overall financial competitive advantage. Our SAP application controls and compliance consulting teams provide guidance to ensure organisations maximise the use of automated SAP controls and implement efficient compliance management programmes.