Credit Risk

Credit Risk
Credit Risk


Credit risk is perhaps the most fundamental risk financial services organisations face. Although this risk has existed for hundreds of years, the current environment has led to ever increasing pressure to ensure that credit risk management practises provide a frictionless customer experience, maximise efficiency, and ensure clear evidence of compliance with institutional credit standards and regulatory expectations. Outdated and insufficient credit risk management practises can lead to increasing credit losses, suboptimal customer experience, depressed margins, and regulatory scrutiny.

Our Credit Risk Management professionals help organisations maximise their returns by assessing, designing, and implementing efficient and effective credit risk operations. Our professionals leverage experience as former lenders, regulators, and risk managers to identify root causes, optimise operations, and improve practises. We offer a suite of credit risk management consulting and internal audit services that cover the entire credit life cycle ranging from risk appetite, policies and procedures, underwriting and originations, ongoing monitoring, problem loan management, credit and loan review, regulatory and financial reporting requirements (e.g. CECL, Basel, etc.), lender and portfolio due diligence, and ongoing monitoring and reporting.

Our services include:

Credit/Loan Review Services

Protiviti can assist by analysing credit oversight strategies, organisational structure, reporting, loan portfolios and individual credits to evaluate credit quality, adherence to lending standards, comparison to industry practises, account management strategies, and portfolio performance. We assist clients with co-sourced and outsourced credit review services as well as consulting and internal audit engagements.

Transaction/Acquisition and Lender Due Diligence

Protiviti assists investors in their analysis of proposed or existing transactions by conducting due diligence procedures on target companies, operations, processes, reporting and/or assets.

Credit Operations Assessment Design and Implementation

Our credit risk management teams work with you to improve credit operational efficiency and effectiveness through the identification and implementation of enhanced credit risk processes, technologies, strategies, organisational structures, and metrics.

Credit Process Internal Audit Reviews

Our credit risk professionals partner with our clients in assessing the risk management and control systems in place to manage core operations throughout the credit lifecycle.

Credit Risk Software and Tool Assistance

Protiviti can assist with credit risk software implementation through development of business requirement documentation.