Protiviti COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Preparedness Response to Clients



Protiviti COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Preparedness Response to Clients

The health and safety of our employees, and our clients’ employees, is a top priority. We have worked diligently to prepare for the known impacts of COVID-19. Protiviti provides professional services, and we do not substantially rely on a goods or material supply chain for the successful performance of our services. Regardless, the health and safety of our employees, and our clients’ employees, is a top priority. 

Our workforce is nimble and well positioned to use mobile technology and other capabilities to perform services from remote locations on short notice. We also have invested in communications technology that allows us to communicate with all of our employees and enables our employees to work virtually. 

We have offices in over 80 global locations. If, for some reason, we could not meet service requirements in any of our offices, or a significant number of our employees were unable to work, we would relocate the work to another office (or remote location) and/or allocate work to other employees. Additionally, several of our clients have requested that all of our employees performing services for their organisation work remotely and not at client facilities. We are well positioned to honour any such request and are confident that there will be no material disruption in service.

Below is a more detailed explanation of the steps we have taken to ensure the continuity of our services.

  • Protiviti has a formal Pandemic Response Plan (“PRP”) , which among other things, includes:
    • A pandemic crisis management team encompassing executive leadership across our enterprise (e.g., C-Suite, HR, IT, Communications, Legal, etc.);
    • Crisis Activation Protocols;
    • Crisis Response Procedures aligned to World Health Organisation (“WHO”) Pandemic Phase Alerts;
    • Implementation of our Business Continuity Plan;
    • Implementation of our Crisis Management Plan;
    • Implementation of our Disaster Recovery Plans related to our Information Technology systems;
    • Implementation of our Emergency Response Plan; and
    • Implementation of Crisis Communication Plan.
  • Protiviti is monitoring country and local health agencies and the World Health Organisation for Pandemic Phase Alerts and has a defined action plan in response to each phase. ​
    Protiviti’s PRP aligns our response level to the WHO’s pandemic phase alerts. Additionally, we have a dedicated page on our intranet to provide employees with current WHO information related to COVID-19 and any responses or guidance from Protiviti.
  • Protiviti has plans in place to protect our employees and to limit the spread of disease at our facilities.​
    Protiviti’s Crisis Management Plan, Crisis Communication Plan and Emergency Response Plan were established to ensure the safety and protection of our employees. Our PRP establishes protocols for public health events such as COVID-19. 
    Specifically related to COVID-19, we have implemented restrictions on travel to areas of the world impacted by the virus and implemented quarantine protocols. We are actively following WHO guidance and are prepared to invoke any additional travel restrictions as necessary. Our executive leadership has communicated to all our employees guidance related to the current status of restricted travel, coordination with clients regarding continuity of services and instructions that individuals who have flu-like systems should not report to work. 
    Furthermore, in locations that have been particularly impacted by the virus, we have implemented work at home policies, and we have honoured client requests that our employees work remotely and not report to client facilities.
  • Our PRP, Business Continuity Plan, Crisis Management Plan and Crisis Communication Plan address services disruptions due to high employee absenteeism and travel restriction and we have implementation plans in place. 
    We are well prepared to: leverage employees available in our 80+ offices world-wide, implement our established IT capabilities to permit employees to collaborate and work efficiently from various locations virtually (through video conferencing, use of Office 365 and other cloud-based platforms, use of our intranet client and project sites, etc.). Protiviti’s IT infrastructure was designed with redundancies to ensure that in the event any given server is off-line, we have other servers located in different locations that can be used without a material disruption in our service.
    Additionally, our parent company is a global professional staffing firm with deep access to temporary talent who align with all of our service areas. We are quite adept at accessing that talent for peak staffing needs or unique client situations that require a fast influx of resources. We would utilise that human resource supply channel, if needed; however, we do not foresee any circumstances at the present time that would require this.
    With regard to travel restrictions, we have implemented restrictions on business travel to areas of the world impacted by the virus and implemented quarantine protocols. The restrictions on travel and quarantine protocols have been communicated to our employees. Our travel processes are centrally managed, and we have placed automated restrictions on an employee booking travel to restricted areas and we have developed a process for evaluating and controlling business travel to analyse whether it is appropriate and safe.
  • Protiviti has communicated our contingency plans, including pandemic preparedness to all people who will have a role in implementation and execution.​
    Protiviti’s PRP, Business Continuity Plan, Crisis Management Plan and Crisis Communication Plan are available to all employees on our intranet site. We have also developed a FAQ page dealing with COVID-19. Employees identified in our contingency plans as responsible for implementation and execution of the plan(s) are made aware of their responsibilities.
  • Protiviti conducts business continuity and disaster recovery exercises with its senior management to test the plan response and educate appropriate employees on their roles. For example, Protiviti has performed periodic disaster recovery scenario tabletop exercises dealing with material disruption to Protiviti’s IT systems.
  • As a professional services company, Protiviti does not typically provide goods or materials to its clients. As a result, supply chain impact on Protiviti’s services are likely to be related to the reliability of third party resources providing services (i.e., subcontractors and vendor supporting our service infrastructure). Generally, Protiviti does not utilise substantial amounts of subcontracted services; however, upon client request, and as appropriate based on the services provided to that client, we are able to request review of third party vendor pandemic contingency plans. 
  • Protiviti has a plan in place for communicating to our clients in the event COVID-19 materially impacts our ability to provide services.​
    Protiviti works closely with our clients in the performance of our services. In the event that we determine that COVID-19 materially effects our ability to perform services, the Managing Director leading the engagement will communicate with the client’s point of contact to inform the client of the issue(s). 
  • At this time, Protiviti has not experienced any significant impact on our supply chain or workforce which would negatively impact performance of our services.


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