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Blending consulting and operational expertise to drive value

Companies are seeking innovative ways to address today’s finance and accounting challenges. Unforeseen issues, transaction backlogs, and one-time events that demand a rapid response drive this search for new approaches. Finance leaders now operate with leaner staff. Often, just enough resources are on board to meet routine business needs. Meanwhile, the pace of business change has accelerated, increasing pressures on finance and accounting staff. As they compete for an ever-dwindling pool of qualified finance and accounting resources, leaders are looking for ways to respond to challenges without over-burdening their employees.


How it works

Managed Business Services seamlessly integrates world-class solution-based consulting with the largest global network of highly-skilled, specialised staffing resources. A one-of-a-kind, flexible delivery model, Managed Business Services blends Protiviti’s unmatched consulting experience and Robert Half ’s deep operational expertise to build resource teams, customised with clients, to address any challenge.

Our fully customised solutions and resources help you across a spectrum of challenges & initiatives

  • Transaction backlog and cleanup
  • Control issues and material weaknesses
  • Financial restatements
  • Revenue cycle improvement
  • Scalability issues due to growth
  • GAAP accounting transition
  • Relocation of accounting or finance
  • Shared services
  • Geographic or product expansion
  • New or upgraded IT platform
  • Business or digital transformation
  • Cost-cutting initiatives
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Merger & Acquisition integration
  • Divestiture
  • Ownership change


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Client Stories

Establish an effective accounts receivable and collections function for an oil and gas production company

A leading oil and gas production company needed to establish effective accounts receivable (AR) and collections functions while reconciling, correcting, and processing a backlog of transactions due to a significant acquisition. One challenge: the client company’s accounting department headcount and skillset didn’t support the sudden influx of AR responsibilities. A massive amount of manual efforts was required due to an antiquated accounting system from the acquired company.

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Design and build a Segregation of Duties violation management function for a large global bank

At a large global bank, some 500 critical applications and corresponding supporting infrastructure were determined to be at risk of fraud. The client needed to design and build a transparent Segregation of Duties (SoD) violation management function that would be easily monitored and managed, capable of identifying and remediating violations swiftly and efficiently.

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Reduce costs and improve services levels through outsourcing selected Order-to-Cash processes for a medical devices company

A medical devices company was seeking to reduce cost and improve service levels through outsourcing selected processes in support of order management, consignment, accounts receivable (AR) and customer service - collectively referred to as “Order-to-Cash” (or “OTC”).

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Establish an Accounting Shared Services Center (SSC) to support anticipated rapid growth for a network of hospitals

A growing network of hospitals, rehabs, and outpatient surgical centers anticipated doubling in size in as little as six years. But they knew it wouldn’t be easy. The network lacked an Accounting SSC (shared service center) which would be required to efficiently support even its current size, to say nothing of its aggressive growth projections. The network asked Protiviti to determine the feasibility, cost, and benefit of establishing an SSC, and, ultimately, implementing such a solution.

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Stabilise the corporate accounting function from an Oracle R12 upgrade

Our client had a lot going on at once. While stabilising its corporate accounting function following an Oracle R12 upgrade, preparing and executing the integration of an acquired company, it also had to simultaneously back-fill accounting positions due to increased demand in integration initiative. In other words, there were new people to recruit and onboard while dealing with an unfamiliar accounting system. There was a general lack of documentation for processes and procedures. And, contributing to the perfect storm atmosphere, several key players in the accounting department were soon due to retire.

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Boots performance to support a fast-growth healthcare organisation

The good news was that a healthcare organisation was in rapid-growth mode, acquiring a large number of healthcare providers over a short time period. The bad news was that many of these new acquisitions were noticing falling revenue. The organsation recognised this as a dangerous trend across the enterprise, and that it was related to its revenue cycle practices. But they didn’t know what they were doing wrong or how to enact changes to boost performance. That’s why they hired Protiviti.

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