IT Operations Improvement


IT processes impact and enable all areas of the technology environment – from people and organisational structure to technology architecture and the overall governance of technology. IT departments, in the face of unrelenting complexities introduced by new technologies and resulting processes, are being asked to do more with less. Efforts to drive standards for IT operations and maintain day-to-day activities that are utilised consistently across the organisation are becoming more and more fraught with risk.


To best navigate these challenges, IT departments must have a deeper understanding about IT process risks and controls and know the best practises in process standards and frameworks. In addition, they must know how to best implement and optimise enabling technologies, such as cloud services, that manage and automate process activities.


Protiviti’s business and risk management heritage gives a unique vantage point in advising clients design, monitor and improve IT operations. Protiviti enables organisations to establish a core set of foundational controls to drive performance and value in the face of massive change. Through robust policies and process design, Protiviti helps to continually uncover improvement opportunities.

How we can help:

Asset Lifecycle Management

Protiviti’s consultants help clients design, develop and implement a phased solution – programme, process, best practises and technology – to manage assets throughout the enterprise. In addition, we can assist with the implementation of processes and solutions that reduce risk and increase the utilisation of the assets being managed.

Business Continuity Management

Our business-oriented BCM approach is based on risks associated with key processes. We constantly test, measure, monitor and validate events to ensure adherence to your regulatory requirements. Protiviti’s business and risk consulting heritage gives us a unique perspective that enables an agile BCM governance programme responsive to complex and changing environment.

IT Service & Change Management

Protiviti's IT Services and Change Management consultants employ their ITIL training and experience, proven technologies and comprehensive methodologies to help you decrease downtime and improve change success and incident resolution, all while achieving your audit and compliance objectives.