IT Governance & Risk Management

IT Governance & Risk Management
IT Governance & Risk Management


The IT landscape is increasingly complex and risky. Mobile, social and cloud technologies extend the business outside corporate firewalls, creating, in effect, a “shadow” IT department. Data is an enterprise asset, raising risk management and compliance pressures. Increased dependence on third parties complicates operating models further. Adding to these complexities are expectations for exceptional IT performance from the workforce, business partners and customers. There is an unprecedented dependence on technology and tremendous consequences when it fails.

Effective IT governance is necessary to address these complex challenges. By better managing the performance of those responsible for creating value through key IT decisions, an organisation can achieve its strategic goals. An IT governance framework identifies the mechanisms required to create value and manage risks associated with IT.

Protiviti’s IT Governance & Risk Management professionals help organisations design and implement effective operating models to manage technology risk. Protiviti’s unique and integrated approach enables organisations to better understand the true business impact of risks arising from an organisation’s dependence on technology. This in turn leads to better prioritisation of risk mitigation activities, focusing efforts on the things that matter most. The end result of effective IT governance for many organisations is “more control, with fewer controls.”

We believe an effective approach to IT governance brings together IT strategic planning, IT risk management and vendor risk management with broader enterprise risk management activities. Specifically, it allows you to articulate technology risk in the context of the overall enterprise and deliver a stronger “big-picture” view of it to the board, management and key stakeholders.

IT Benchmarking

Our IT Benchmarking solutions are based on the groundbreaking research of a leading independent IT research organisation, the IT Process Institute (ITPI). The ITPI research team – which includes IT practitioners and university-based researchers – has examined the use of best practises, controls and frameworks at hundreds of companies ranging in size from small to very large.

IT Compliance

Ensuring compliance can be costly and complex.  Protiviti enables its clients to create a programme of governance and risk management that integrates the many various activities and technologies within the IT organisation in a manner that enhances risk assessment, drives process efficiency and effectiveness and provides the programme infrastructure needed to manage compliance initiatives.

IT Due Diligence

Too often, reviews of a target company’s IT assets are limited to infrastructure risk reviews, perfunctory budgetary analyses and quick site visits for physical asset confirmation. Our IT Due Diligence specialists provide the experience and insight organisations need for a comprehensive pre-merger or pre-acquisition analysis of a target company’s IT infrastructure and organisation.

IT Governance

Protiviti’s IT Governance Solution empowers your business and the IT department to make the right decisions at the right time. These decisions can help your IT department fully derive value for the business. The focus of Protiviti’s IT Governance professionals, therefore, is to help your IT department maximise the value it provides to the organisation.