Innovation Services

Innovation Services

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Innovation Services


A strong innovation culture is a strategic differentiator in an age where user experience is of the utmost importance. Organisations that continuously reimagine the world, explore new business models, embrace the latest technology, and make their ideas a reality will establish themselves as leaders. Organisations that are slow to change are at risk of being left behind. At Protiviti we work with our clients to help them establish, develop, and nurture an innovation mindset, with targeted activities, end to end programmes and managed services. From education and training, discovery, ideation and prototyping, to solution design and build, we enable our clients to reinvent themselves from the inside out.

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Our global innovation sites, located in Chicago, New York and London and currently operating virtually, are embedded in our offices and available to all our people across the world. By offering our people rotating secondments at our sites, we have established a global network of innovation experts.


The Challenge of Innovation

Innovation is crucial to remaining competitive in the marketplace, but organisations find it challenging to identify and implement innovative solutions, as well as to develop and sustain an innovation mindset across the organisation. To move from current state to value-add products, services, or processes requires time, dedicated personnel, requisite skills and tools, passion, and investment by the organisation. Even when innovative solutions are supported and achieved, organisations find it difficult to sustain a true innovative culture and mindset, leaving untapped potential within the firm and the risk of falling behind their competitors and failing to deliver an optimised solution or experience to their customers. Over and over we see our clients struggle when:

  • The intent to innovate isn’t matched by the organisation’s awareness of the value of innovation or capabilities.
  • Current approach to solve problems and innovate in the marketplace yields ineffective or unsustainable results.
  • Innovation is relegated to certain areas of the business, leaving untapped potential throughout the organisation.
  • The organisation lacks the time, personnel, skillsets, or digital capabilities to take an idea to market.
  • Skepticism exists around the value of innovation tools, techniques, and mindset, leading to a failure to achieve firm-wide adoption.
How We Help Accelerate Your Innovation Journey

With Innovation Services, Protiviti can accelerate our clients anywhere along their innovation journey. We can equip individuals, teams, or entire organisations with the skills and knowledge to develop an effective innovation mindset, facilitate interactive workshops to help uncover root causes to current challenges and identify innovative solutions, and harness the power of emerging technologies to bring their ideas to life. We seamlessly blend our enterprise resources, ecosystem partner capabilities, and leading technologies to help our clients create new ways of doing business. Through Protiviti’s Innovation programme:

  • We equip your employees with the skills and knowledge to develop an effective innovation mindset through practical training tailored for your business function.
  • We facilitate interactive workshops to help you uncover the root causes to current challenges and identify innovative solutions to enact productive change.
  • We accelerate your innovation process from ideation to production-ready products/services, building teams of subject matter experts, in-house developers and partners from our ecosystem to design and develop initial proofs of concept or prototypes.
  • We work with you to build your innovation roadmap, ensure organisational alignment, and then help implement and operationalise your vision. We enable you to sustain and maximise your innovation programme.




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