Organisational Transformation

Organisational Transformation

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Putting People at the Heart of Business Success
Organisational Transformation



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Partner in knowledge and change to build a foundation of collaboration and culture of innovation

Today’s competitive global marketplace is all about quality, speed and continuous improvement. Your ability to transform and be ready for innovation and change is paramount. Organisations traditionally jump in and address the mechanical components of transformation and marginalise the impact the change will have on their most valuable asset, their people.

We partner with clients and provide pragmatic approaches to align, define, adopt and execute dynamic strategies to establish a cultural foundation that’s accepting of the most complex transformation. Our results-driven methodology provides organisations the framework to excel in an environment that grows market share, improves customer satisfaction, increases leadership skills, retains talent, enhances business productivity, and accelerates speed to market.


“We are amazed at the growth we’ve achieved in such a short amount of time though Protiviti’s pragmatic approach. Now that our culture, technology team, and business are aligned, we can make effective decisions and successfully mitigate risks.”

- Executive Client


Our highly skilled team of transformation leaders help create sustainable change organisation wide by improving alignment, collaboration, innovation and delivery through implementation, training, facilitation and coaching.

Alignment: Connect the mission, vision and brand value with people, process and technology to create a strategy for sustained transformational change organisation wide.
  • Assess the organisation’s active strategy, culture and processes
  • Ensure adoption and empower communication and collaboration
  • Facilitate planning and strategy sessions
  • Assist with alignment governance plan
Collaboration: Create a customised collaboration environment to engage and foster knowledge sharing, internally and externally, utilising the latest tools and techniques.
  • Assess maturity and effectiveness of the collaboration plan
  • Develop, implement and ensure adoption of collaboration
  • Integrate effective collaboration solutions
  • Assistance with collaboration governance plan
Innovation: Build innovative leadership that drives revenue growth, helping organisations learn how to target the dynamic process of innovation: how to get it, how to track it and how to integrate it into the culture.
  • Develop, implement and ensure innovation adoption
  • Assess maturity of current innovation process
  • Develop governance team, set guardrails and motivate ongoing innovation
  • Assist with communication planning, tollgate selection, and success metrics
Delivery: Focus on understanding the case for change, providing a clear picture of what the company will look like after implementation and developing a change journey to reinforce new behaviors and sustain change.
  • Assess where projects are on the continuum to ensure success
  • Advisory services on change leadership development
  • Recovery from lack of employee adoption of the change
  • Assist with communication plan, training, and governance