Be Your Best

Be your best
Be your best
Bringing You Whole Self to Work. That’s Living Protiviti
Learn Every Day

Throughout your career, we provide opportunities to grow. 

Make an Impact

At Protiviti, you impact our clients, our company, and our community. 

Be Your Best

We empower you to achieve your goals in both work and life. 

Benefits that Matter

We offer competitive benefits that include: medical; life and travel insurance; annual health check; mandatory pension fund that includes optional voluntary contribution; and rental reimbursement scheme. We also offer an Incentive Compensation Plan (ICP) – an annual bonus based on our success as an organisation, career level and personal performance. The ICP is driven by transparency so you’ll know your target award and can track project payout.

Growing the Protiviti Family

Our benefits programmes extend beyond the individual employee to also nurture their loved ones. Through Flexible Work Arrangements, our people can formally and/or informally adjust their schedules or workloads to focus on other priorities.

Informal (ad hoc/casual) flexible working arrangements:

  • Flexible work hours
  • Flexible work location

Formal Flexible Work Arrangements:

  • Part time hours
  • Remote work
  • Flex time
  • Sabbatical

In work and in life, we have you and your family covered! 

Taking Time Off

In addition to a generous benefits policy, our sabbatical programme is a unique opportunity to take a personal leave of absence for up to 3 months, while still retaining your benefits. Our people have leveraged this programme to discover the world through travel, volunteer their time in long-term charitable projects or follow their educational pursuits.

“I’m off to Italy where I’ll be spending the first month volunteering on a villa in Umbria and exploring the Italian countryside on the weekends! After that I’ll spend some time travelling and participating in various cultural events and festivals throughout Tuscany. For the latter half of my time in Italy, I’ll be living in the Trastevere neighbourhood of Rome and taking art classes! I can’t wait to immerse myself in the culture, practise my Italian, and explore more of the country that I fell in love in college! When I get back, feel free ask me to say something in Italian – I hope to be fluent by then!” – Julia Berchtold, Consultant, San Francisco.

Diversity in Work and Life

Through our recruiting process, we seek talented people of diverse backgrounds and experiences who can innovate and achieve exceptional work. We want people who strive to be their best selves every day, with every action or interaction. The Protiviti career experience enables our people to become high-impact professionals, but more importantly, to become successful individuals in work and life, in all the ways that matter to them. Our diversity and inclusion strategy enables a global, collaborative, and diverse workforce.


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