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Customer Experience

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Customer Experience


Sharpening the Focus on Value

Regardless of the industry you operate in, or the size and maturity of your business, organisations across the board face significant challenges to keep pace with changing customer demands. Continuous market disruptions have forced organisations to explore and create innovative ways surrounding customer experience. Organisations need to continually develop new ways to engage with customers as well as exceed the new and increasing customer expectations. Providing a standard product or service is no longer adequate for modern day consumers.

Aligning customer experiences to brand promises, and enabling the organisation requires an explicit focus on the highest impact initiatives and strategies to meet and exceed constantly evolving customer expectations.

Turn CX into a Real Engine for Your Business

While creating a great customer experience by nature has a strong “emotional” component, an analytic, value-based approach will enable you to drive consistent, positive outcomes.

Customer Experience is often baked into hundreds of day-to-day process and activities across numerous functions in an organisation. Organisations need to develop strategies that can respond and adapt to the rapidly changing expectations and Protiviti’s six key areas of focus directly affect an organisation’s customer experience. Organisations should look to review and assess these areas, understanding both direct and indirect correlations of customer experience to the overall business structure.


Our CX Services:

Protiviti’s customer experience offering brings your customer’s value to the forefront of your organisation’s operations by delivering a customer centric model of offerings that empower organisations to make informed and strategic growth decisions.

  • Align customer experience management to business value
  • Implement metrics and governance that drive impact
  • Harness data and analytics to prioritise digital and operational transformation
  • Optimise customer journey management to create long-term, profitable customer relationships


Customer Experience Measurement and Management
Measurement Design & Metric Alignment
  • Uncover the KPIs that best evaluate Customer Experience performance and create alignment within your organisation.
  • Devise and implement voice of the customer instruments that measure those KPIs and appropriate diagnostics, providing real-time, actionable feedback.

iCX (the Internal Customer Experience)

  • Understand how internal customer experience with departments such as IT, Finance, and HR impacts business outcomes.
  • Apply CX measurement and management practises into an internal context to maximise performance and business impact.
Customer Journey Mapping and Journey Management
Journey Mapping and Opportunity Assessment
  • Creation of Customer Journey Maps to enable the entire organisation to better understand customer needs and expectations, pain points and moments of truth.
  • Treat the journey map as a “portfolio of opportunities” to transform the customer experience and evaluate the costs/benefits of each pain point, challenge and opportunity identified.

Journey Management

  • Maximise the value of customer relationships through initiatives targeted at improving individuals’ customer experience, with the goal of increasing loyalty and share of wallet.
  • Create target models of customer journeys that are proven to yield strong customer relationships and work to address journeys that don’t fit the targeted models and lead to suboptimal outcomes.
Customer Experience (CX) Driven Business Transformation
CX Driven Cost Optimisation
  • Inventory and assess all voice of the customer data to identify improvement opportunities that will simultaneously improve the customer experience and reduce cost to serve.
  • Prioritise improvement initiatives through an understanding of impact on both customer engagement/loyalty and operating costs/profitability.

Building a Future Ready CX Roadmap

  • Use design thinking approaches to identify a future state CX. Go through a multi-step process that rethinks customer value proposition, customer engagement and personalisation.
  • Build a roadmap to develop the an efficient future state customer experience, including leverage of advanced technologies, data analytics, AI and other innovate approaches.
Connecting the Customer Experience with Business Outcomes
CX Value Audit
  • Assess the impact of organisational change and transformation initiatives to understand their impact and the ROI through a customer value creation/destruction lens.

Customer Asset Valuation

  • Understand the value of your customer asset at the enterprise level, for specific customer segments and all the way down to individual customers.
  • Establish a dynamic metric customer asset value that can be tracked by finance leaders to identify and better understand the magnitude of customer related issues and opportunities.