Office 365 Solutions


The “Office 365 Planning, Management & Implementation” (OPMI) is a group of offerings provided by Protiviti to focus on the foundational activities required for an organisation to build a stable, scalable and supportable Microsoft Office 365 platform. These offerings are designed to assist clients to accelerate their deployment of O365 by enabling agility, reducing uncertainty and identifying the critical path activities required for successful O365 deployment and maintenance.

The acceptance of cloud services for enterprise applications has steadily grown. As the trusted business and technical partner to Fortune 500 companies, associations, and small-medium businesses, Protiviti has seen a significant increase in interest and transition towards Microsoft Office 365 platforms.

Organisations are often in different stages of their transition; from licensing, to trial periods, to foundational rollouts. Our team has designed a modular system where clients can select the optimal offerings to meet their specific needs to provide the greatest benefit.

How Can OPMI Help?

Your transition to O365 can bring visible benefits to your organisation’s bottom line, reduce maintenance activities and increase collaboration. It also creates new roles & responsibilities, requires critical initial decisions and planning for feature deployments or updates.

Protiviti offers these programs to ensure our clients have the tools, knowledge and oversight necessary for short term wins and long term success. We look forward to becoming your Partner in this enterprise critical application.

Office 365 Services & Offerings


Office 365 IT Administration & Governance Planning

Discover, plan and establish a Governance structure with a 2-3 day training workshop and working sessions to establish the Governance Team and Plan for managing your Office 365 tenant.

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O365 Security

Office 365 Security Assessment

This offering enables your organization to confidently secure your O365 platform by defining security responsibilities, identifying potential security gaps and providing recommendations to improve security posture.

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O365 Tenant Config

Office 365 Tenant Configuration

Strategically create a new environment or analyze your existing tenant’s foundational setup for long term preparedness by ensuring your environment is scalable, secure and optimizes resource usage.

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O365 Roadmap

Office 365 Feature Roadmap

1-2 day workshops to deliver an in-depth tour of relevant O365 features and discuss migration from legacy environments. Our experts will provide a tailored Office 365 Roadmap, identifying the best features for you, paired with the steps needed to achieve success.

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O365 Training

Office 365 SharePoint Power User Training

This 4-day training course consists of lecture and labs and is designed to train Business Users and Admins who have site ownership responsibilities within SharePoint Online.

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O365 Support

Office 365 On-Demand Support

An additional service that provides flexible, on-demand support for O365. You are assigned a dedicated Account Manager to support and supplement your internal resources and expertise to help you leverage 100% of your Office 365 investment.

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