Distribution & Logistics


Distribution and logistics companies must balance the cost of transportation (effectiveness) and the speed and flexibility of delivery (responsiveness) to succeed. The use of technology and analytic tools has expanded in recent years as companies seek to understand and improve their operations. This trend will only increase as RFID and IOT technology become ubiquitous. However, the promise of technology and analytics often is greater than the benefit achieved as organisations struggle with implementation and optimisation. For global organisations, the impact of changing regulations, legal risks and political unrest are impacting cost and performance of their operations.

Protiviti’s Distribution and Logistics professionals partner closely with management to address the challenges inherent in their distribution channels and help them become more efficient and effective. Working with companies of various sizes – from regional providers to global organisations, we develop solutions to meet the unique requirements of your business and help you by modelling distribution networks, analysing and prioritising risks, analysing freight contracts, or determining the right levels of inventory in the supply chain. The process improvements we help you implement make more your organisation resilient and efficient today and for the future.

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