Building a Comprehensive Data Strategy - Webcast

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Building a Comprehensive Data Strategy - Webcast

An all-inclusive data strategy, designed with the end goal in mind, is an integral part of an organisation's ability to drive revenue growth. Data is arguably the most important asset a company possesses, and a data strategy allows the company to recognise that its data is a structured, comprehensive, cross-domain asset. The organisation's volume of data, where its data is stored, who in the organisation is responsible for the data and where future data investments will be made are all components of this comprehensive strategic approach.

In this session, Jeremy Stierwalt will analyse the anatomy of a data strategy and will also share success stories from Protiviti clients.

Learning Points

  • Learn what to include when defining the scope of a data strategy
  • Discover how to develop a roadmap for the organisation by defining key gap-closing initiatives
  • Recognise how strong, experienced leaders with deep expertise in revising existing data management programs can ensure success
  • See what a Future State recommendation would look like 
  • Learn how to formalise a Data Governance process as part of the strategy development



Jeremy brings more than 20 years' experience in all aspect of data management and governance, business intelligence, advanced and predictive analytics solutions. This includes vertical expertise in Financial Services and Insurance, Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Retail, Sports and Entertainment, and Professional Services coupled with Line-of-Business expertise in Finance, HR, Supply Chain, Sales and Marketing, and Procurement functions. Jeremy has held various leadership positions including membership to the Executive Leadership Team, and is a frequent speaker at National & Regional Conferences on topics related to data governance & management, big data, and analytical solutions.

Duration: 1 hour, 3 minutes


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