In an industry where being first to market is essential to success, software companies face tremendous pressure to deliver high-quality, innovative products ahead of the competition. Initial public offerings and mergers and acquisitions help fuel the high-speed, competitive landscape.  With this rapid pace come unique challenges and risks, including intellectual property protection, royalties, international operations, outsourcing, channel partners and complex revenue recognition. 


Protiviti’s professionals understand these challenges as well as the need for software companies to be highly efficient businesses in order to remain competitive.  Whether your needs are in IT, accounting, finance transformation or beyond, we help software companies manage their risks, strengthen processes and reduce costs.  We have helped over 20% of IPO companies prepare for their offering over the past 2 years; transforming their business into strong public corporations.  We also help organisations integrate acquisitions to quickly realise value.  Whatever your situation, we are here to help you face the future with confidence.