Technology, Strategy and IT Operations


No function in an Organisation faces more change than IT.  The demands for technology to drive better performance, enhanced customer experience, great security, regulatory requirements and improved efficiency are ever increasing. The success of the IT function is truly central the success of an Organisation. Protiviti helps IT leaders meet the demands of today and anticipate and prepare for the demands of tomorrow. We believe these are exciting times for leaders able to see the opportunities created when people, process and technology converge. We help you see these opportunities so that you can face you future with confidence.

We provide solutions tailored to your Organisation’s unique needs and industry in the following areas:

IT Governance & Risk Management 

The IT landscape is increasingly complex and risky. Mobile, social and cloud technologies extend the business outside corporate firewalls, creating value for customers and corporate departments, but also, in effect, a “shadow” IT department. Protiviti’s IT Governance & Risk Management team helps you design and implement effective operating models and controls to manage technology risk while enabling growth.

IT Operations Improvement

The technology environment – from people and organisational structure to technology architecture and the overall governance of technology - can enable organisational growth. Protiviti works with you IT to understand your unique needs and take practical, customised steps to create an IT operation that can deliver today and in the future.

IT Portfolio & Program Management

IT transformation is the new normal. The challenge is that with so many projects and new technologies, IT departments lead can become overwhelmed by the demands of the Organisation. Protiviti helps you gain control and confidence over your IT portfolio of programs and technology by identifying efficiencies, creating visibility to all projects and supporting the prioritisation and delivery of programs.  

IT Strategy and Architecture

Today‘s IT departments are asked to do more with less in the face of increased financial and regulatory scrutiny, while managing the relentless complexities of emerging or disruptive technologies. Protiviti’s offers technical expertise coupled with a deep understanding IT and business needs, helping you take a risk-based, top down approach developing and implementing to IT strategy and architecture programs.