ERP Solutions


Gartner estimates that 55 to 75 percent of all enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects fail to meet their objectives. Organisations that are selecting, implementing or managing ERP systems face a significant challenge in identifying, measuring and managing the unique risks they face. ERP implementations often go awry when the different people, process and technology risks are not given adequate consideration. 


These risks, when not managed properly, translate to missed opportunities to transform and improve business processes and operations. When ERP risks are managed right, companies can boost revenue and reduce costs, resulting in a healthy ROI and an overall stronger Organisation. 


Protiviti’s ERP solutions help companies manage ERP risks during system selection and implementation, as well as improve, simplify and automate security and controls around the ERP landscape. Protiviti’s ERP experts blend technology, business process, audit, and risk management skills to deliver efficient solutions across functional areas and ERP platforms.

How We Can Help:

ERP Selection and Solution Design

Our consulting teams help define future ERP strategy, select and design the systems that fit best the Organisation’s needs. We have created leading practise models to help organisations optimise business processes and design ERP systems to maximise automation and user efficiency around key areas such as intercompany consolidation, cash flow management, financial close, multi-GAAP accounting, revenue recognition, as well as sales operations planning and inventory management.

ERP Implementation Support

Using our leading practice models, we help organisations manage ERP implementation and project risks more effectively. We support ERP initiatives with decreased risk and reduced costs by managing and delivering key aspects of the ERP implementation such as Project Management Office, unit and integrated testing, data conversion, change management, and training.

ERP Security and Control Assessments

Protiviti’s ERP Controls Assessment professionals use proprietary methodologies and automated tools to efficiently assess application risks and produce accurate control evaluations and workpapers. Our ERP Security and Controls Assessment consultants leverage Protiviti’s proven methodologies and world-class AssureTM assessment tools to provide high-value, efficient ERP audit and testing services that can improve management’s and external audit’s comfort in the integrity of system data. 

ERP Application Security and Control Design/Optimization

We help identify risks and signs of inefficiency as well as prioritise and implement optimisation opportunities around control and compliance frameworks, automated/configurable controls, application security design and administration, and continuous control monitoring.

GRC Solution Implementation

Our consulting teams help organisations define a roadmap for maximising the value of their Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions and implement sustainable governance processes.