Ongoing Project Assurance is How Strong Leaders Ensure Success for their Projects and Deliver on Project Outcomes

Ongoing Project Assurance is How Strong Leaders Ensure Success for their Projects and Deliver on Project Outcomes

Ongoing Project Assurance

Change Requested: 
Receive professional help with assurance that the project is on track
Change Envisioned : 
Integrate ongoing assurance into the project lifecycle to ensure achievement of outcomes
Change Delivered: 
Identification of key remedial actions and advice to the executive board when they needed it to ensure benefits were delivered

Trying to stay in touch with clients with a growing demand for technological advances is not an easy feat. A large government department realised they were drifting away from their clients due to their lack of online accessibility and ability to provide personalised service. To combat they introduced a multi-phase, multi-year project to allow clients to engage with them through the internet. The project was intended to provide clients with immediate online access to their services. It was also seen as an approach to improve accuracy and provide better integrity of data.

To help with the assurance of key stages of the project the department brought in experts from Protiviti to provide project assurance at various key stages in the project delivery. The department was specifically seeking assurance to ensure the project was being governed and controlled efficiently and effectively as well as to monitor the intended outcomes and benefits. The purpose of this ongoing support provided by Protiviti was to ensure both continuous improvement and effective risk management so that the project met the departments’ and its clients’ expectations.

Protiviti provided on the ground advice and assurance for the project. This was provided both at specific gateway review points, but also as on the spot advice, when and where the project executive needed it most. As a result, we were able to act as strategic partners to the project delivery and our advice driver of the changes to Business-as-Usual supporting infrastructure which helped the project succeed in delivering on its outcomes and benefits.

Protiviti also identified remedial action to strengthen governance arrangements in the project. Protiviti also utilised their sources in better practice to improve benefits management throughout the project lifecycle. As Protiviti assisted the department throughout the duration of the project, we brought our abundance of knowledge about the department and our understanding of the outcomes and stakeholder requirements from the project, to provide thorough advice on planning the transition from the project to business as usual.

The assurance and advice provided included:

  • Governance reviews
  • Release reviews
  • Financial management reviews
  • Test management reviews
  • Stakeholder engagement assessments
  • PSPF compliance
  • Change management reviews
  • Benefits management reviews
  • BAU planning reviews
  • Project closure reviews
  • Ad hoc on the spot advice
Ongoing Project Assurance is how strong leaders ensure success for their projects and deliver on project outcomes



        Gordon Tucker
        Danny Rudloff
        Managing Director