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Today's environment is shifting at a rapid pace, and staying on top of changes in your industry is more critical than ever. Dive into the latest trends and topics. As a trusted advisor to many CPG and retail companies, our team has curated industry news, insights and resources to help you and your teams.

Thank you for reading Protiviti's October edition of Industry Insights for CPG and Retail.

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To help Consumer Products and Services organisations prepare and plan for disruptive events, Protiviti examines critical and pressing concepts about business continuity management and related practices in our Guide to Business Continuity & Resilience.

Industry-specific topics include: • BCM programme governance and risk assessment trends • Continuity plan development updates • COVID-19 lessons learned and effect on pandemic response • Impact of Cloud and technology advancements on ITDR.

Consumers Love for Digital, Mobile Experiences Here to Stay

According to a recent survey on consumer behavior, shoppers will continue embracing digital and mobile retail experiences even once the coronavirus pandemic is a memory.
Source: Retail Customer Experience

We Are Data Driven - Oh No You're Not!

Can you imagine a time when your voice activated AI is the brightest, most experienced, and most valuable member of your team? The days of business not being data driven will soon be “behind you” and only those that release the potential, and seize the opportunity, will thrive.
Source: Retail Technology Innovation Hub

Holiday Shopping Will Be Different This Year

Research shows most Americans still plan to celebrate major holiday events this year and next year. How and where they choose to spend will certainly be different. In an uncertain environment, retailers who are nimble, smart and innovate to capitalise on this uncertain consumer behavior will win the holidays.
Source: Forbes

Don't Get Left Behind: Gen Z Wants A Different Shopping Experience

Gen Z is bringing new perspectives and rules to e-commerce. The future of social commerce is not simply about being present on or embedding shopping functionality into social media.
Source: Forbes


Internal Auditing Around the World, Volume 16: The Future Auditor Has Arrived

How do you transform the internal audit function to serve the ever-changing landscape? That was the core question Protiviti aspired to answer through interviews with internal audit leaders for this edition of Internal Auditing Around the World®.

When we chose that question in early 2020, we were thinking primarily about digital change in business. What we did not know then was that, within a matter of months, a force from the natural world — a new and deadly coronavirus, COVID-19 — would be the real change upending not only businesses but also entire economies, along with billions of people’s lives.

Enhance Your Customer Experience to Maximise Revenue

A great customer experience (CX) is key for businesses to succeed, especially in a virtual world. Listen to this webinar on-demand to learn: • What Customer Experience (CX) means in today’s world • Current CX market trends and the impact on your organisation • Key actions your organisation can take now to deliver exceptional customer experiences • Best practices from our CX experts during an ‘Ask the CX Experts’ panel discussion.

Strategies for Reducing Retail Shrink

According to the 2020 National Retail Security Survey of the National Retail Federation, shrink in 2019 cost the industry a record $61.7 billion. This white paper discusses the major types and causes of shrink, along with best practices and emerging trends in loss prevention and shrink mitigation.

The Critical Importance of Employee Wellbeing

In the best times, leaders know that people – or human capital – are the heart of a successful organisation. In challenging times, this concept is even more magnified; it’s the key to survival. By improving the health and wellbeing of their employees, organisations not only create a more motivated, engaged and high-performing workforce, they ensure customer loyalty and brand goodwill.



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