Higher Education


Higher education is a complex arena composed of many different components. Colleges and universities must offer a variety of services in addition to providing ongoing learning and research activities. The supporting activities include housing, dining, transportation, safety and security, retail operations and healthcare, along with many others. In some cases, the services are provided directly by university personnel and in others an outside vendor is contracted to deliver a specific service. In any case, the demands placed upon the administration are significant. Educational institutions have many stakeholders with a strong interest in making certain that quality services are delivered at a reasonable cost.


The risk factors that must be managed are varied because of the significant number of constituents, including students and family members, faculty, board members, governmental bodies, accreditation units, alumni and others. Universities are continually dealing with the challenge of complying with a wide and expanding body of laws and regulations, including privacy and data protection laws, tax regulations, corporate governance and consumer protection laws.


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