Consumer Packaged Goods


The ability to meet changing customer demand drives consumer products companies.  In a world of rapidly evolving technology, increasing globalisation, regulatory change and narrowing margins, success is defined by an organisation’s ability to adapt its operations to market dynamics, continuously creating products with which people connect and customer service on which they can rely, to continue to grow profitably. 


In our experience, leaders that navigate successfully in this environment build businesses with resilient supply chains that can adapt to changing needs.  They have a relentless focus on speed-to-shelf, and optimise the processes for procurement, supplier and sales contracts, and invoicing to maximise profitability.  They understand and address global regulations efficiently and leverage analytics across their enterprise to better manage performance and under customers. 


At Protiviti, our professionals have extensive experience collaborating with clients to navigate these challenges. We help our clients seize new opportunities for growth and work with them to identify and manage inherent business risks. Our team is well-versed in the relevant business and industry-specific issues that you confront in your operations and we provide solutions that address the root cause of these challenges, not just the symptoms, so you can face the future with confidence.