Inventory Management, Sales and Operations Planning

Inventory Management, Sales and Operations Planning
Inventory Management, Sales and Operations Planning


In the Internet era, quality decision making and responsiveness are more important than ever. Trends such as globalisation, product proliferation, channel diversification and market volatility mean that managing the supply chain is no longer a back office responsibility. Today’s best in class companies have executives recognise the change in mind-set by making Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) the centre of their Organisation with results of reducing costs, growing top line revenue, and enhancing their value to customers. These leaders are pushing their S&OP process beyond simple demand-matching of supply to an Integrated Business Planning strategies (IBP). The common objective for these executives are to have one plan using a predictive process model that drives priorities and higher performance.


Protiviti understands that running merely good S&OP is no longer acceptable, because customers have higher expectations for product availability, accuracy and fast delivery. We know that with the spread of new digital channels, on top of existing physical channels, our customers are facing complications knowing where inventory sits and what it will cost to deliver to their customers. To compound these challenges and changes, the supply chain has grown more complex as suppliers operate a more extensive network of suppliers, third-party logistics providers and inventory partners. We appreciate that the level of coordinating all that activity can be an overwhelming challenge.


Our professionals utilise industry knowledge, our sound methodologies and leading practices and have seen improvements in the order of 20% to 50% more accurate forecasts, a 10% to 30% reduction in inventory, a 5% to 15% reduction in manufacturing downtime and a 5% to 10% increase in on-time delivery. We know that these kinds of results can be accomplished through the effective coordination of the different plans from business functions constituting demand and supply. Through our methodology and services we have been able to help our clients implement effective S&OP and IBP processes.

Our services include:

  • Programme and Project Management
  • S&OP and IBP Design and Facilitation
  • Demand, Supply and Inventory Planning Process Implementation
  • Planning Systems Implementation Support


Our professionals understand the five pillars of a successful S&OP and we incorporate the foundations of change management and continuous improvement to standup effective programmes for our clients.

We understand the complexities may vary and differ by industry through our experience servicing our clients across all sectors and industries. We tailor our approach to incorporate our industry expertise along with leading practices to ensure that our customers are able to resolve their unique industry demands.