Collaboration needs to be able to happen at any time any place…among technology leaders and business leaders, new team members and legacy team members, organisations and their customers, along with vendors and suppliers. The speed of collaborative interaction brings with it a tremendous amount of positives, but is also provides opportunity for chaos and challenge.  It is for this reason that it is important not only to put a flexible framework into place, but also one that can be used effectively to meet the demands of collaboration now and into the future.

We create a customised collaboration environment to engage and foster knowledge sharing, internally and externally, utilising the latest tools and techniques for social media, team brainstorming, millennial/legacy generations, mobile technology and video communications.  Using our pragmatic framework, we will help develop a collaboration strategy that drives business goals.

  • Lead the development of a robust collaboration plan from identification of work streams to tools and metrics
  • Assess maturity and effectiveness of the organisation’s collaboration plan
  • Develop, implement and ensure adoption of the collaboration process
  • Advisory services on the integration of effective collaboration solutions
  • Assistance with collaboration governance plan