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Finance Priorities in the COVID Era

Webcast - Finance Priorities in the COVID Era: Key Trends from CFOs and Finance Leaders

Major crises expose the true nature of things. In the face of extreme pressure, a company discovers just how digital, agile and resilient it really is. And its finance organisation is no exception. CFOs and finance leaders are leveraging hard-earned lessons from the worldwide pandemic to strengthen their organisations and meet the demands of internal and external customers.

enterprise resilience webinar series

Webcast - Transform your Business Processes with Microsoft Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform aids this common challenge by providing organizations with an enterprise-grade platform, specifically those utilizing multiple, disparate tools. The Power Platform enables organizations to analyze data, build solutions and automate processes to improve and innovate their operations.

Finance Priorities in the COVID Era

Webcast - Talent & Resourcing: The New Finance Labour Model

COVID-19 packed a powerful one-two-three punch to organisational talent and resourcing strategies and activities. Many of these landed squarely on CFOs and finance leaders as they worked quickly to meet deadlines and flex with the changing environment. CFOs have had to rethink their staffing approaches to deliver with greater speed and flexibility.

enterprise resilience webinar series

Evolving Role of PMO

In the current business environment, organisational leaders require the ability to manage with tighter budgets, shorter timelines, scarcity of resources, and rapidly changing technology. Programme Management Organisation (PMO) leaders need to move away from checklist project management and transform from being a 'Paper PMO' to a 'Transformation PMO'.

How We Help Our Clients Succeed

Hot ticket: Contract automation provides global theme park company with fast pass to dynamic pricing

Hot Ticket: Contract Automation Provides Global Theme Park Company with Fast Pass to Dynamic Pricing

Using workflow automation and Salesforce capabilities, Protiviti’s software services team automates workflow, contracts, and dynamic pricing for theme park.
Procure-to-pay transformation at offshore drilling company delivers savings of over $30 million

Procure-to-pay transformation at offshore drilling company delivers savings of over $30 million

An offshore drilling contractor with operations on six continents was experiencing extreme delays in the procurement of goods and services, which also created payment processing challenges and high transaction costs to issue purchase orders and process invoices for payment. The problem stemmed from inefficiencies across the entire procure-to-pay (P2P) process — procurement, receiving, accounts payable, payment and accounting — as well as from poor master data.
Protiviti helps healthcare non-profit implement Microsoft Power BI solution

Protiviti helps healthcare non-profit implement Microsoft Power BI solution to give its global members access to quick, current and valuable information

Globalisation and the internet in recent history have generated any number of benefits for corporations, professionals and job seekers by allowing them to seek collaboration and expansion opportunities in new markets
client story Data analytics solution helps pharmaceutical giant

Data analytics solution helps pharmaceutical giant focus on improving clinical trials and saving lives

Read how a global biopharmaceutical company gained better visibility into its clinical trial supply process to improve efficiency and tracking, reduce waste, and directly impact patient safety.

Australian consumer products firm leans on Protiviti’s managed business services model to address post-acquisition challenges

Read how one Australian company brought the legacy finance department of a newly acquired firm into alignment with the company’s more mature processes, reduced risk and generated savings.