Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Solutions

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Solutions

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Maximising Your GRC Technology Investment
Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Solutions



“I can’t believe how quickly you were able to demonstrate a solution that reflects our unique requirements and methodology. This mock-up is so much better and easier to understand than any of the other GRC tools we use in our organisation”

– Senior Director, Financial Services Organisation

What we do

We are experts in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) technology and work with organisations in all stages of their GRC digital transformation journey. Our vast experience with developing risk and compliance tools as well as implementing many GRC software solutions provides a unique set of choices and services to our clients. We help clients with GRC advisory and design, tool evaluation and selection, and implementation and optimisation services. We help you design and implement the right technology with confidence whether you are looking for a new tool, want to optimise existing risk software in your IT ecosystem or need a custom solution.

Why is this relevant?

Integrated GRC investments or multiple GRC tool implementations across several stakeholder groups can be seven figure investments. You need a return on your investment and a partner that can help you identify programme gaps and confidently implement technology that achieves the GRC promise:

  • Enterprise Risk Reporting
  • More Efficient Compliance
  • Less burden on Line 1 employees
  • Rationalised technology stack with improved agility to address new requirements

Protiviti’s GRC Technology team can help ensure you are ready for GRC Technology, select the right tool and ensure you are maximising your investment and achieving a ROI. Contact us today to set up a call to discuss your GRC technology needs or to see a demonstration of the Governance Portal.

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Our Expertise and Key Partners:

Unlike other technology vendors who only sell, promote and implement their own software, Protiviti helps clients select and implement the tool that is the best fit based on short and long-term business requirements. Our experience with multiple platforms, our partnerships and our risk consulting perspective helps organisations avoid the risk of implementing the wrong tool and not realising a ROI on their GRC technology.



RSAMetricStream | Connected Risk | Open Pages | SAP GRC

Our GRC Services

GRC Advisory and Design

GRC Technology is only beneficial if the underlying risk and compliance management programme aspects are sound. We partner with organisations to translate their business vision into a risk management and compliance strategic roadmap and programme. We collaborate with our Internal Audit & Financial Advisory and Risk Advisory practise to address programme gaps and ensure you are ready for technology to manage your integrated risk management programme.

GRC Evaluation and Software Selection

Our GRC experts translate your assurance and compliance methodology and business needs into GRC technology requirements.  We help organisations:

  • Assess current state and existing systems
  • Evaluate and refine requirements definition and design
  • Develop a business case
  • Support the RFP and vendor evaluation process

GRC Implementation Services

We help clients optimise existing GRC tools, onboard new assurance teams, and implement new solutions. We have expertise and certified administrators and implementers for ServiceNow, RSA Archer, MetricStream, Protiviti Governance Portal, Refinitive Connected Risk, Open Pages, BWise, as well as many other market solutions.

Custom GRC Solutions

When existing software doesn’t align with your methodology or requirements, you need a temporary gap solution or you are under a tight implementation timeline, we can design a custom solution. Leveraging our Solution Accelerator (SolAcc) framework, we design solutions for any use case that requires a Repository, Workflow and Reporting (RWR). Our framework jumpstarts your project – taking advantage of core baseline functionality and focusing on your unique requirements.

On Demand Services

Protiviti’s On Demand Services team provides organisations with access to a team of technical experts, certified administrators and GRC implementation experts to help you manage your solution on an as-needed basis. Our team members can complement your internal team with valuable skillsets needed to support, maintain and enhance your GRC solution.