Compas Suite


The Compas Suite is an operational audit and data collection tool designed to improve compliance as well as employee and organisational performance.  


For many organisations, especially those in the retail industry with locations throughout the world, distance and time are often the biggest obstacles to measuring operational compliance.   Sending auditors to each location is often impractical, if not impossible.  And if each site is audited, how do you manage the results, resolve issues and educate your diverse employee population about your corporate standards and policies?  The Compas Suite helps clients remove geographical and organisational barriers to create an automated sustainable audit process and communication programme.


Comprised of two modules, each option can be implemented separately or in tandem.


Compas - Audit is an operational audit software solution.  It helps clients:


Automate the Audit Process - Facilitate the collection of data from your global locations through easy to use questionnaires.   Each questionnaire is customised to your operational controls and can be completed via a smartphone, handheld, laptop, Tablet PC, or any computer with an internet connection.  


Get Instant Visibility – Work online and get real time audit results that provide insight regarding your business operations.  No internet access?  No problem. Upload your audit results to the Compas web-based reporting system when you are back online to run customisable reports for data analysis and review.    


Break Down Barriers – Compare audits and data across your entire Organisation for a complete perspective on your business operations.  Use the information to identify areas of improvement, collaborate on compliance issues, and develop an awareness and training programme to educate your employees. 


Compas - Aware is a custom communication and training solution.  In the decentralised structure of retail companies, it is often difficult for organisations to successfully communicate to employees.  We work with companies to provide successful awareness and training campaigns within Loss Prevention, Store Operations and other areas of the company.


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Compas - Aware helps clients:

Raise Awareness

Communicate a consistent message and educate your employees regarding policies, procedures and strategies through custom design materials (posters, manuals, communication programs) 

Link Policies to People

Create accountability in all of your locations through eAwareness training, tutorials and quizzes 

Monitor Compliance

Monitor results through tools, quiz results and web-based monitoring

Reward Employees

Retain good employees and reward them for improving your Organisation by creating a custom incentive plan?