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Proactively Navigating the Data Privacy Regulation Landscape
Data Privacy Consulting


“Protiviti did a great job helping us address the privacy challenge with a very strong risk-based approach. Their very pragmatic, blended team provided us several valuable solutions and very effective change management communications to address all the organisational and technology impacts required by new privacy regulations.” 

– Compliance Officer, top listed global manufacturing company

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Protiviti is helping CISOs, CIOs and CDOs navigate the rapidly-evolving tech landscape during the COVID-19 pandemic with our Data Privacy Services. We recommend these resources:

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Our global clients are experiencing unprecedented change in the data privacy landscape. Changing state, federal and global regulations are forcing almost constant business, technical and legal operational changes. These changes are not necessarily exclusive of one another and often overlap, resulting in highly complex legal and regulatory scenarios.

Protiviti’s Data Privacy consulting team understands the inherent risks and challenges our clients face in developing and maintaining effective privacy and data protection programmes. Drawing on our skills and experience in regulatory compliance, business processes, technology, information security and communications, we partner with our clients to:

  • Understand jurisdictions and obligations
  • Assess needs
  • Implement appropriate compliance measures and safeguards
  • Respond to new and changing regulations.

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Assess and Manage Uncertain Global Data Privacy Regulations

With the meteoric rise of data proliferation worldwide has come new privacy laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union (EU) and various derivative laws either on the books or on the way at regional, national and state levels in the U.S., including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). These drivers of change are pressure-testing data privacy compliance programmes and creating a complex legal matrix for companies to navigate.

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Ethical Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

From a data privacy perspective, boards are wrestling with understanding not only what is legal but also what is ethical and aligns with the company’s brand. Compliance with current privacy laws is one standard. Understanding how to incorporate data privacy into the organisation’s corporate strategy and business model, and how management defines the appropriate use of consumer data, is a different and higher standard.

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Address Resource and Skill Shortages

The unprecedented demand for well-trained privacy experts continues to grow. Organisations are facing a shortage of privacy skills due to rapidly changing advancements in both the regulatory and technology landscape.

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Operationalise Privacy Needs

The single most important thing about privacy compliance is disciplined execution. Organisations should realise that having the the best policies and staff in place is worth nothing without proper operationalisation of policies and the development of a culture of commitment to data protection.

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Implementation of Privacy Tools

One of the biggest challenges with data privacy tools comes in the implementation phase. Poor or ill-informed decisions at the beginning can result in the entire implementation proving ineffective and perpetually problematic.

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Protiviti’s Data Privacy Team will help you understand your data privacy priorities to subsequently understand jurisdictions and obligations, assess your needs, implement appropriate measures and safeguards and respond to new and changing regulations.


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Protiviti assists organisations in achieving clarity and compliance around privacy risk governance programmes, including GDPR. We help companies understand the impacts of regulatory requirements, assess and remediate processes and technologies and implement changes to achieve and maintain compliance. Our approach to GDPR compliance includes:

Discovery: Identify high-risk areas to ensure a focused approach

  • Identify and inventory EU personal data including classification level, data controller, processor and exchanges
  • Formal inventory of processing activities

Manage: Determine exposure and prioritise compliance activities

  • Assess data collection, processing and storage, and protection measures
  • Assignment of a Data Protection Officer transfers to third parties, risk assessment practises and security policies
Data Quality

Protect: Implement changes to achieve compliance

  • Obtain executive management support and funding
  • Establish compliance programme structure and governance
  • Identify compliance strategies
  • Implement remediation plans

Report: Provide evidence of accountability and compliance

  • Maintain required documentation
  • Testing and validation
  • Implementation of monitoring tools and processes
  • Manage data requests and breach notification