Operational Risk


With a greater emphasis than ever before, Financial Services organisations need to take steps to plan for their operational risk exposures. Bespoke and proportionate steps are needed to ensure that risk management programmes are robust, demonstrable and well maintained. Risks such as Cyber security, Regulatory change and Brexit that were classified as ‘emerging’ only recently are have now ‘emerged’ or are due to do so and place significant demands on organisation’s inevitably stretched resources.

Operational Risk is inherent in the products, systems, activities and processes of all FS organisations – good performance in these areas and a healthy risk culture is an excellent indicator of the effectiveness of Senior Management and Board members in the completion of their duties.

Protiviti can support your organisation in your journey and help you navigate complex Operational Risk challenges with our team of seasoned experts.

We have been appointed to the skilled persons panel for control and risk management frameworks.

Our services include:

Basel Methodology/Process Implementation

Protiviti assists several of our clients with Basel compliance gap analysis and implementation efforts. Protiviti provides project management, advisory and implementation services as part of the Basel implementations.

Risk Control Self-Assessment & Loss Event Support

The RCSA should be utilised as a method to actively manage risk to business strategies and the health of supporting processes. Protiviti is able to leverage this important risk management tool to assess the controls currently in place and identify any gaps or recommendations for improvement.

Operational Risk Framework Enhancement

Times change and so should your OR framework. Protiviti have the knowledge and understanding to assess your OR framework and advise on enhancements or changes necessary to complete in the marketplace.

Case Studies/Lessons learned

  • Data security management
  • Process re-engineering

Executive Reporting Evaluations

Protiviti has the capabilities and tools to design an innovative operational risk index methodology and reporting covering various functions. Our teams analyse hundreds of risk and performance metrics, ultimately refining and more clearly linking metrics to organisational strategy and business objectives.

Operations Process Maturity & Re-engineering

Our risk management professionals can assess the maturity of current operations processes against our Capability Maturity Model and partner with your teams to prioritise and re-engineer critical business processes. The end result being an optimised process to meet your business needs and regulatory requirements.

Risk Event Reporting

Our broad experience has given us valuable insights into how risk events are typically managed and how risk events should be managed…